How to Plan a Romantic Valentine's Dinner at Home

How to Plan a Romantic Valentine's Dinner at Home

7 romantic restaurant meals you can bring to your Valentine without having to leave the snuggly confines of your home

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Arriving to a restaurant full of other couples instagramming their food, staring wistfully into one another's eyes over the table and feeling the passive aggressive prompts to eat and get out in less than two hours can be something of a deterrent to heading to a restaurant this Valentine's Day.

Picture a living room filled with candles, fairy lights, blankets and Netflix. Maybe some chill.

We've picked out 7 of our favourite dishes you can surprise your date with this Valentine's Day. Order one, perhaps three. 

JinJuu's Tacos

Jinjuu's Tacos brought to you by Deliveroo

JinJuu's tacos

Jin Juu’s tacos are swoon worthy. Sitting pretty at the bottom at the bottom California Tower in LKF, grab some Bulgogi beef skewers ($135) and signature KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) ($125) and then maybe 14 tacos. Choose from three tacos: vegetarian friendly tofu tacos ($70), Iberico pork belly tacos ($115) and the Bulgogi beef tacos ($130).

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Cedele's Tumeric Scallop & Prawn Pasta

Cedele's Scallop & Prawn Pasta Brought to You by Deliveroo

Cedele's tumeric scallop & prawn pasta

Scallops and prawns go well together, just like you and your date. Please don't try that line on your date or you may have to eat this all by yourself (note: not a bad thing). Cedele prawn and scallop pasta ($148) is a standard Italian dish with a healthy twist of turmeric.

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Blue Butcher's Barramundi 

Blue Butcher's Barramundi Brought to You by Deliveroo

Blue Butcher's pan seared barramundi

The barramundi is a royal fish befitting a royal date. The fish has anti-aging, cancer fighting and immune boosting properties according to Dr. Oz. Share that with your date and show him/her you are health conscious, or share some fried chicken ($180) and show them you're rad and maybe a smidge southern, both available from Blue Butcher. The pan seared barramundi ($180) comes with a lime pesto and artichoke salad and you could even pop it on a plate and pretend you made it. Don't do that, but do ensure you choose a crisp white wine to go with the fancy fish.

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Nom's Diavola Pizza

Nom's Diavola Pizza Brought to You by Deliveroo

Nom's diavola pizza

When the moon hits your eye like a big diavola pie, that's amore. We don't recommend taking this too literally and tossing a pizza pie at your date's face, unless that's what you're into. We love Nom's diavola pizza ($158) which features tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and spicy salami.

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Comptoir's Tuna Tartare 

Comptoir's Tuna Tartare Brought to You by Deliveroo

Comptoir's tuna tartare, soy sauce and coriander dressing

Big love for the dainty dish of tuna tartare ($95) and sautéed prawns ($98) from Comptoir. The tuna tartare is dressed in a soy and coriander sauce and the sautéed prawns feature pastis, garlic and parsley. And for dessert, what could be better than spring rolls...? Chocolate spring rolls. Yes, chocolate spring rolls

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Classified's Trio of Bruschetta

Classified's Bruschetta Brought to You by Deliveroo

Classified's bruschetta

Fancy something a little less smothered in butter and a little more "I'm a modern professional with all sorts of #livewell aspirations"? Bruschetta ($80) from Classified is a winner with three options: chorizo & semi dried tomatoes, cep saucisson & artichokes, or serrano ham & flamed bell peppers–all solid choices. You might want to play it safe and order all three.  

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Assembly's BBQ Ribs

Assembly's Baby Back Pork Ribs Brought to you by Deliveroo

Assembly's baby back pork ribs

If you're feeling hungry and don't mind rolling up your sleeves, perhaps give the baby back pork ribs ($152) from Assembly in TST a go. The Hickory smoked BBQ sauce and a mixed salad won't offend anyone (except maybe vegetarians. Don't order this if you're with a vegetarian), and make sure to save room for your slice of 'heaven' as it's titled on their menu (Baileys & coffee cheesecake) and in our hearts.

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