5 Delicious Movie and Food Pairings to Celebrate Galentine's Day

5 Delicious Movie and Food Pairings to Celebrate Galentine's Day

The top 5 movie and food pairings for Galentine's Day, which falls on the 13th February. Clueless x Limewood anyone? 

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What's "Galentine's Day" we hear you ask? Coined by Parks and Recreation's Leslie Knope (played by the ever hilarious Amy Poehler), Galentine's Day falls on 13th February and is a day to celebrate with your best gal pals. 


Whether you're planning a romantic rendezvous with Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) or intending to spend it Han-style (solo), we're here to remind you that while some relationships come and go - friendship is forever, so make time for your BFFs and get them round for a movie night, stat! 

Beef and Liberty Scotch Eggs

Bridget Jones' Diary x Beef & Liberty

We've all identified with Bridget Jones at one stage or another - we vow "this is the year" we'll take control of our lives, drink less, exercise more, get that promotion and find the love of our lives. But sometimes you've just got to put on some comfy pants, blast out Chakka Khan and get your girls 'round for an evening of indulgence. Boost that Brit vibe with the awesome Scotch Eggs from Beef & Liberty! 

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Caliente Shrimp Tacos

Mean Girls x Caliente

Don't worry if you're on an "all-carb diet" like Regina George because despite not having a Taco Bell in HK, we've got even better Mexican fare on hand from Caliente. While it's difficult to pick just one favourite from their menu, their Shrimp Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Mint-Avocado crema are "totally fetch".

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Man Mo Dumplings

Pitch Perfect x Man Mo Café

"Aca-scuse me", you haven't tried the dumplings from Man Mo Café yet?! Fix this fast by sharing their Truffle & Brie Wor Tips, Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao, Burgerbuns and Duck Confit buns with your girlfriends while watching the Barden Bellas kick some serious acapella ass. 

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Chez Patrick Deli Cheese Board

Bridesmaids x Chez Patrick Deli

There's something oddly comforting about tucking into a deliciously classy cheese board from Chez Patrick Deli while watching a motley crew of ladies organise one last big send-off for their bestie before she ties the knot. Their antics may not be as sophisticated as the cheese but big laughs, inappropriate humour and a 90s-tastic Wilson Phillips singalong makes this a must-watch with your squad.

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Limewood Chicharron Guacamole

Clueless x Limewood 

If you're "rollin' with the homies", you definitely should relive the best of the 90s and pop on Cali-girl classic Clueless. With quotes such as "As If!", "Totally Buggin" and "My plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing activities where balls fly at my nose" giving us total nostalgia, we also suggest you direct Limewood's Pork Skin Chicharron Guacamole straight under your nose and in your mouth. "Ragin'!" 

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Don't fancy staying in? Well you're just in luck, we've joined forces with Hush Up Cinema to bring you not one, but two "dinner and a movie" screenings, perfect for Galentine's Day. Settle in for The Notebook with Jin Juu snacks such as chicken sliders and Sae Woo Pops deliveroo'd right to your lap or enjoy a delicious set dinner at Jin Juu, Kyoto Joe or Tokio Joe before heading upstairs to watch Casablanca


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