The Best New Restaurants Now on Deliveroo

The Best New Restaurants Now on Deliveroo

10 new Hong Kong restaurants you can now enjoy at home

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Deliveroo  Deliveroo  on 2 Mar '16

Perhaps it's been a long week, your email inbox is swamped, maybe you overdid it with "just one drink after work" last night or it could simply be too cold and wet to venture outside. Whatever the reasoning, you're staying in and you want food - stat. Don't resort to dry toast, rubbish instant ramen or frightful frozen pizzas. Now is the perfect time for Deliveroo! With over 250 restaurants to choose from (and more being added every week), it was tough for us to pick our faves but here are our top ten new additions that have us drooling over our keyboards...

Jin Juu Chicken Wings Deliveroo

Jin Juu

Order modern Korean bites such as their signature KFC (that's Korean fried chicken!), bulgogi beef tacos, kimbap rice rolls, sliders and sae woo prawn pops that are so tasty they'll soothe your Seoul. 

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Pinot Duck dumplings Deliveroo

Pinot Duck

Addicted to peking duck? Well you're in luck - order Asian-inspired dishes that celebrate the mighty duck! From steamed duck baos and duck soup dumplings to crispy duck wings, peking duck brioche and more, you'd be quackers not to try Pinot Duck for yourself! 

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Kyoto Toe Rolls Deliveroo

Kyoto Joe

Red and yellow and pink and green...purple and orange and blue! I can eat a rainbow. Eat a rainbow too!  The eats from Kyoto Joe are almost too pretty to eat... almost.

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Double D Burger Deliveroo

Double D

If ever there was such a thing as the perfect burger, this would come pretty dang close! Mouth-watering meat, perfectly golden fries and satisfaction with every bite - we guarantee Double D will make you go from "Damn Daniel" to "Damn Deliveroo" pretty soon! 

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Palki Tandoori Deliveroo


Fellow spice-heads rejoice, Palki is here to tickle and tantalise your tastebuds! Boasting some of the most authentic tandoori, flavourful curries and (in our opinion) creamiest palak paneer in the city, it's easy to see why Palki has a near cult-following. 

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Classified Bruschetta Deliveroo


Classic and comforting, for the first time you can now get city-wide favourite Classified delivered right to your door. Cheese, charcuterie or bruschetta anyone?

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Flying Pig Bistro Pork Knuckle Deliveroo

Flying Pig Bistro

Serving all things porcine and delicious, new resto Flying Pig Bistro is the stuff of your dreams. That is, if like us, your dreams involve fall apart pork knuckle and crispy suckling pig...

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BEP Deliveroo


The dishes at BEP are absolutely 'pho-bulous! Don't believe us? Hop on Deliveroo and order their buttered corn, char-grilled pork collar, a heart-warming bowl of pho or a delectable banh xeo crepe... then get back to us!  

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Bao Bei Pork Belly Bao Deliveroo

Bao Bei

Bao down! Tuck into steaming, pillow-like, moreish modern fusion baos from Wyndham Street hangout Bao Bei. Don't miss out on the mapo fries either! 

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MyHouse Short Ribs Deliveroo


Want the comfort of home-cooking without actually have to cook? You're in luck because MyHouse's melt-in-your-mouth short ribs and oxtail ragu can now be delivered right to your door! Eating in your pjs FTW! 

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Special Mention

NOM Pizza Deliveroo


Because what food list would be complete without pizza? Do yourself a favour - order from NOM, eat, enjoy and give yourself a pat on the back for winning at life. 

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