How to Avoid Sad Desk Lunches

How to Avoid Sad Desk Lunches

Apparently more common than we'd think; eating sad desk lunches alone is a fairly common scenario. Here's how to avoid eating limp, uninspiring lunches that smell vaguely like hopelessness

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It's tough, we get it. You partied til 2am on a school night, ambled into the kitchen at 8.30 and grabbed the nearest thing to you on your way to work. Rookie error: lunch is actually a shapeless form of something you made 9 days ago that only offers limited nutrition and taste. 

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Further, and as the Atlantic so eloquently summed up, sad desk lunches and their negative effects could be fatal. AKA, eating alone at your desk with uninspiring food could be how you die. 

Here are the most common scenarios and our suggested antidotes to these maladies. 

You could be eating a lunch of some kind of formless mass that appears to have adopted the same shape as its vessel:

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Or you could be eating an Italian risotto with zucchini and asparagus from Castello. 
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You could be eating whatever this is.... (yam–is that you yam?)

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Or you could get down with a bunch of warm roasted pumpkin from Chicken on the Run

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You could be making noodles with your coffee machine....

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Or you could be eating punchy, texturally satisfying Singapore noodles from Meen & Rice

Noodles from Meen and Rice

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You could be using your notebook as a plate....

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Or you could scoop sustainable salmon and tuna from a courteously provided bowl from Pololi (thanks Pololi)

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And when things get real, fries and bourbon are the only option.

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But not those. Blue Butchers' truffle and parmesan fries are the Rolls Royce of the potato world. Go on, treat yo' self.

Blue Butcher Truffle Fries

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