Eat Under the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Eat Under the Sun, Moon, and Stars

The Star Street precinct in Wanchai holds many stellar eating options

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Le Garçon Saigon

With not a pho in sight, Le Garçon Saigon is all about fragrant rice paper bundles bursting with fresh herbs. A celebration of Saigonese cuisine, the menu leans heavily towards fresh vegetables paired with sizzling grilled meats. Showcase your DIY talents by making your own rice paper bundle from the generous platters of fresh herbs, or sink your teeth into a juicy roast duck. We highly recommend the spiced hedgehog mushrooms, which packs quite a kick and can win over even the biggest meativore with its hearty taste.

12-18 Wing Fung Street, 2455 2499

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Beef & Liberty

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Get your burger fix with Beef & Liberty's bevy of juicy beefsteaks. The burgers use only grass-fed hormone-free beef from Tasmania, making it not only delicious, but a more nourishing indulgence. We love wrapping our hands around the black pepper burger, a succulent sandwich with crushed peppers, caramelised onions, and raclette cheese. There's also the Notorious P.I.G, a slow-braised pork burger with crackling and green apple slaw for those looking for more variety. Order the warm skillet cookies and cream for the greatest ending to cap off the meal. The staff is warm and friendly, and the lively ambiance makes this venue super kid-friendly.

2/F, 23 Wing Fung Street, 2811 3009

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Elephant Grounds

If you're looking for a cool, neighbourhood hangout, Elephant Grounds is your place. Famous for their dangerously addictive ice cream sandwiches, EG churns out innovative and quirky flavours of the week as well as sip-worthy brews and lip-smackin' good eats. It's the perfect lazy weekend brunch watering hole, with tempting dishes like pan-roasted salmon, aburi short rib donburi, homemade ricotta, and spicy brown butter corn just to name a few. The Wanchai location has one flavour of ice cream sandwich throughout the week, with an additional flavour unveiled each weekend to keep things interesting.

8 Wing Fung Street, 2778 2700


True to its name, Slim's is really a skinny sliver of a bar. If you ever have trouble spotting it, just look for the massive cheerful crowd spilling out into the street. Known for their wide range of beers, Slim's also offers a hearty selection of bar snacks, from seasoned fries and nachos to pizza and burgers. Just watch out for the mounds of peanut shells on the floor. Yep, it's that kind of bar!

1 Wing Fung Street, 2528 1661

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Jouer means "to play" in French, and there is certainly an air of whimsy in the Sau Wa Fong atelier. The beautifully decorated shop serves as the backdrop for Jouer's signature mini macarons, with quirky flavours like Chinese vinegar and ginger, mango pomelo, tom yum, Japanese mentaiko and kaya and salt. The gorgeous wooden macaron box is also a signature, and makes for the perfect gift for any sweet tooth. Besides retail, the brand also brings their macaron magic to special events such as weddings.

1 Sau Wa Fong, 2528 6577

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A recent transplant from Fenwick Pier, Giando has reinvented itself in the space previously occupied by Michelin-starred The Principal. The ethos behind the restaurant centres around the finest ingredients sourced from Italy's local farms. It's all about classic Italian flavours, where fresh handmade pasta reigns supreme.

Shop 1, Tower 1 Starcrest, 9 Star Street, 2511 8912

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