How to Survive the Christmas Season. Tips for surviving the most social holiday of the year

How to Survive the Christmas Season

Tips for surviving the most social holiday of the year

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Between glamming up, buying gifts and juggling that never-ending to-do list, Christmas parties can be serious work, especially when there are multiple ones to attend. The force of staying in to chill is strong, however, a Christmas party allows us to get to know people we wouldn’t normally engage with day to day and to strengthen the bonds with our families (or the people who’ve become our home away from home). So whether you’re hosting a party or have simply been invited to one, take a few pointers from these tips to help you to survive the most social season of the year.

Know thy friends

Planning a small and intimate gathering for Christmas? Select a venue and menu that everyone will enjoy, keeping your guests’ food preferences, budget and location in mind. We do love a good, ol’ WhatsApp group to keep everyone in the loop and the discussion flowing. Dishtag curates visual menus from multiple restaurants to help you to decide what to eat. Simply browse our gallery and click on a dish for more details.

Collect and select

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Get ahead of the game by searching for Christmas menus, which hotels and restaurants often release as early as November. Magazines like Foodie and search platforms like Dishtag curate special menus around the city. The holiday season is a busy one for most restaurants, so try to book in advance. For a traditional meal, check out Aberdeen Street Social’s Christmas menu. Feeling adventurous? Daarukhana offers decadent modern Indian food, bringing bold flavours to the festivities.

Lean in

Ever heard of the “winter munchies”? Research suggests that cold weather triggers our primitive impulses to load up on calories for the winter. It’s more important than ever to strive for a balanced diet during the holiday season. You’ve heard the word before: moderation. And we couldn’t agree more. We don’t encourage skipping the traditional Christmas fare, but it’s important to know when it’s time to swap out the indulgent dishes for lighter options, which restaurants usually provide. Maintain a diet high in protein to keep you full longer – this will stop you from getting seduced by the constant flow of sweets during the day. Browse our favourite healthy dishes.

Lean out

Then there are those moments where you just might have to “sit this one out” (and we don’t mean flake out!). The holidays are packed with endless to-do lists and gatherings, so it’s crucial to check in with yourself every once in awhile and see if a night out is best or if your mind and body need a good break. After all, some of the best nights are the ones spent curled up on the sofa with a nice hot chocolate and your favourite holiday flick. See Chullschick’s visual menu for delicious meals to go, from rotisserie chicken to hearty sandwiches.

Drink responsibly

Discover Foxglove‘s Christmas-themed cocktails on Dishtag

From seasonal cocktails to champagne, alcoholic beverages are aplenty during this season of abundance… and so are alcohol-related accidents. The key to drinking responsibly is deciding how many drinks you will have and sticking to it, spacing them out with glasses of water for proper hydration. This is easier said than done, so we like to have a designated person in mind to keep us in check (and vice versa). Remember that the purpose of a Christmas party is to have fun and that the drinks complement the occasion, not highlight it. Check out Foxglove’s new visual menu for both classic drinks and Christmas-themed cocktails.

Mingle and have fun

Leave the work talk at the office, put on your dancing shoes and have a very merry Christmas!



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