Novelty Noshing

Novelty Noshing

A guide to Hong Kong's quirkiest eateries

ellieamias  ellieamias  on 28 Jun '16

We all know an anime nerd. We've all met a movie buff, or an obsessive dog person, or someone who'd rather play a board game than go out on a Saturday night. But what happens when someone in such a niche opens a restaurant? 

Apparently, some of the most interesting eateries in the world.

1. Dim Sum Icon

Image titleFrom Hello Kitty to Gudetama, Hong Kongers cannot get enough of cartoon characters on their food. Case in point: Dim Sum Icon.

Perfect if: Your idea of a great lunch is eating fluffy egg whites while watching children capture a CGI Peach Bottom Kobito on screen.

Located at: B/F, Century Square, 1 D'Aguilar Street, Central

2. People Book Cafe

Image title


If cartoon characters aren't really your bag, consider a trip to Causeway Bay's local communist cafe and bookshop.

Perfect if: You'd like a moment to listen to some smooth jazz, have a cuppa, and read banned books about the proletariat.

Located at: 1/F, 18 Russell Street, Causeway Bay

3. Jolly Thinkers

Image titleWhat was the last board game you played? Whether it was Scrabble or CS-Files, Jolly Thinkers definitely has a copy for you to play with friends over coffee.

Perfect if: You miss board games as a lunch plan.

Located at: 14F, Capricorn Centre, 155 Sai Yeung Choi St N, Mong Kok

4. Yum Yum Movies

Image title

Like dinner and a movie, but better. Five themed courses are brought out to accompany important moments in the film and complement the scene's mood.

Perfect if: You're a cinematic fanatic in need of a new eccentric dining experience. Or you like movies, and eating. 

Located at: Address to be revealed after ticket purchase.

5. Cat Store

Image title

(photo credit: Who-dares Win)

In this cafe, nine cats roam freely and interact with customers. If this doesn't sound like heaven, may I tempt you with Hong Kong's On Dog Dog Cafe?

Perfect if: You love cats and coffee, and don't mind mixing the two.

Located at: Flat D-E, 3/F Po Ming Building, Fu Ming Street, Causeway Bay

What have I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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