How to Dress a Cheese Platter

How to Dress a Cheese Platter

Serving cheese on a board is an art. Here are some tip on how to dress a cheese platter

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How does one effectively compose a cheese platter for guests? 

Here are some tips that might the process easier. 

Types of Cheese Platters:

According to your guests, the menu, or the occasion, different style of cheese plates will suit.

  • Classic platters will include all kind of cheeses (soft cheese, fresh cheese, hard cheese).
  • A thematic platter follows a specific theme (cheeses from a same country, cheeses of the same category, and for Valentine’s Day, why not having a cheese platter with heart shaped cheeses?).
  • A third idea is to propose only one cheese to your guests, but an exceptional one, like a 3-year old comté or a traditional époisses. 

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Cheese Platter Timing and Spacing:

A bit of planning ahead is required to get the most out of your cheese platter. 

  • If you choose to serve postprandial cheese board, make sure to take it out of the fridge one hour before. In the kitchen room temperature, cheeses develop their aromas and their taste will be more appreciated.
  • Cheese should served at room temperature. It is like good wine, its aromas are lost in cold temperatures.
  • To make it easier for your guests, space apart the cheeses on the board. Place the cheeses that crumble in the middle, and the soft and hard cheeses along the border.

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By making the right combination, you can enhance the gustatory attributes of each cheese.

  • Choose bread that best suits the themes of the cheese: country bread for heavier cheeses, rye bread for Eastern European/Scandinavian cheese, walnut/cereals bread for nutty, aged cheese and so on (the best idea is to test many different types of breads before the event to see what bread perfectly matches your favourite cheese)
  • Combine your cheese with fresh, dried or candied fruits, or even with some jam or pastes to really elevate the cheese game
  • Do you prefer salty food? Combine your cheese with fine herbs (basil, coriander and chives), crudités (celery, white onions) or even with salty condiments like capers or anchovies. 

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