European Cheese Tip of the Day: How to Keep Cheese

European Cheese Tip of the Day: How to Keep Cheese

What's the best way to preserve European cheese? Here is the European Cheese tip of the day to help with just that

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TIP OF THE DAY: How should one keep their cheese?

  • Wrap each cheese individually, preferably in their original paper, to keep the flavour. Avoid plastic wrap, which prevents the cheese from breathing.
  • If you don't have a cheese cellar at home, store cheese in the most humid and least cold part of the fridge, like the vegetable drawer.

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  • Soft rind cheeses (camembert, brie) and washed rind cheeses (munster, livarot) can be kept out    of the fridge for 2 or 3 days, under a cheese cover.

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To get the most flavour out of your cheese, make sure to take your cheese out of the fridge at least one hour before serving! Enjoy cheese from Europe, more tips are available on our Facebook page 

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