A Cheese Hamper: The Ultimate Christmas Gift #cheeselovers #howto

A Cheese Hamper: The Ultimate Christmas Gift #cheeselovers #howto

A cheese hamper will make you the star of the party

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EuropeanCheeseHK  EuropeanCheeseHK  on 11 Dec '16

Wine is a typical gourmet gift, but a cheese hamper will set you apart from the other foodie folk.

With the season of parties in full swing, it's time to stock up on gifts to present to all those gracious hosts. So when you get ready to head out to your holiday celebrations, skip the wine and impress your hosts, family or friends with cheese.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a cheese hamper:

  • Size up your hamper, basket or bag. The most aesthetically pleasing cheese baskets look as if they are overflowing, so make sure you pick a basket or gift bag that will look smallish when filled to the brim with delicious fromage.

  • Keep it simple. Pick two or three types of cheese. It's best to choose cheeses with contrasting textures. So a Brie cheese, which is soft and luscious, makes a great combination with a harder cheese such as an Emmental or Comté. If you want to take your gift to the next level, include a blue cheese as well to round out your featured fromage.

  • Include complementary snacks. Once you've selected a few cheeses to feature, now comes the tricky part: picking the accompaniments. Since there's a wealth of items to choose from, it can be both simple and difficult to complete your basket. It's best to pick the same number of accompaniments as your chosen cheeses. Try selecting one cracker or bread, one fruit, jam or preserve and some nuts. Of course, you can complete the treat with a nice bottle of wine … or be even more adventurous with liquors or spirits!

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