Top 10 Bicycle-friendly Cafés and Restaurants in Europe

Top 10 Bicycle-friendly Cafés and Restaurants in Europe

Where to bring your bike on a coffee date

Eva Henderson  Eva Henderson  on 27 Jan '18

Cycling and coffee often go hand in hand, maybe because a spike of caffeine during a long ride provides a cyclist with a much-needed energy boost. In this article, we are taking a look at the top 10 bicycle-friendly cafés and restaurants in Europe, which are showing no signs of slowing down. These spots have different concepts, but they are all places to stop for a drink and some relaxation time. Bonuses go to those cafés where cyclists can inflate their tyres and get their bikes serviced.

Look Mum No Hands!, London

Founded by Matthew Harper, Look Mum No Hands! is the original bicycle café, established in 2010. Harper, along with his partners Lewin Chalkley and Sam Humpheson, set up this shop around the things they love: bikes, coffee, pie and beer. 

Zweiradperle, Hamburg

Cyclists who want a combination of bike shop and café will find that Zweiradperle meets their requirements because everything at this place revolves around bicycles. This is a meeting place for cyclists created by cyclists themselves. You can get your bike serviced here or even rent a bike to go on a guided tour of Hamburg after you’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee or a sandwich.

Vélocité Café, Lisbon

Cycling hasn’t really taken off in Lisbon because it’s not the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. However, Vélocité Café has been revolutionising cycling there ever since it was established in 2012. The café opens up its doors to lovers of bicycles and is conveniently located along the bike paths of the city, making it easy to find.

Keirin Cycle Culture Café, Berlin

Keirin Cycle Culture Café was opened in April 2004 by former bike messengers Gary and Mortimer and received the distinction of being the first dedicated store in the world for track bikes. The shop has a large collection of vintage track and road frames along with new frames. Repairs are completed by an experienced mechanic.

La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace, Madrid

La Bicicleta is located in the neighbourhood of Malasana, a district in Madrid that’s famous for its bars and cafés. The shop’s ambience is stylish, youthful and inviting. La Bicicleta was established just five years ago after the owners heard about a similar project in Latvia.

Upcycle, Milan

A hidden gem, Upcycle was opened in an abandoned garage, inspired by London’s cycle café Look Mum No Hands! Cyclists have an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or watch live events on TV here and can even get their bikes serviced.

Steel, Paris

A side street in grungy Oberkampf is home to Steel, which offers coffee, sandwiches and cakes, along with specialised performance gear. This boutique has made significant investments in improving the cycling infrastructure of Paris.

Pudding, Barcelona

Pudding is recommended for those with little ones in tow – the café looks after children over the age of six provided a reservation is made in advance.

Granja Petitbo, Barcelona

A former dairy, Granja Petitbo has been transformed into a modern café and bakery. This friendly, cosy spot serves dishes that are made in-house. The downside? There’s space for only three bikes.

The Bike Club, Barcelona

Barcelona seems to be spoilt for choice when it comes to bicycle-friendly cafés and restaurants, and The Bike Club is another welcome addition, this time inspired by postmen who used to cycle around the city. Though it cannot be considered a typical bike shop, the owners have made significant efforts to create a special place for cyclists to drop by with their friends (and their bikes) to enjoy a cup of coffee. The coffee and snacks served at The Bike Club are reputed to be some of the best in the city.

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