Hong Kong Style Comfort Food 

Hong Kong Style Comfort Food 

Missing a taste of mum's minced beef? 

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With the fancy new openings and haute culture here, sometimes it can be relaxing to have a humble retreat back to where the heart is (and a bit of a break from the cluster of SoHo). 

Fish belly congee at Sang Kee Congee shop

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Notable for its 24/7 queues, this old school congee corner features boiling goodness. Perfect for supper or after a night out at LKF, its fish is as fresh as you can get and will definitely sooth any upset stomach for just under $50. 

G/F, 7-9 Burd Street, Sheung Wan 

Egg Sandwich at Australian Dairy Milk Company

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Despite its infamous servers, this bad boy does not disappoint. The most loyal customers queue outside it for its egg sandwiches. Seemingly simple but impossible to achieve at home, the fried egg is kept perfectly moist with a plenty of butter, sandwiched between two slices of the fluffiest white bread. The clouds is what you taste when you bite into this god-sent sandwich. Australian Dairy Milk Company is closed every Thursday, so schedule your visit accordingly. 

G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street Jordan

Chicken noodle soup at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

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Craving for something soupy? This homey Chinese dish stars a superb hearty broth. With the most soft noodles and tender chicken cubes, this bowl of wonder is perfect for all ages including children.  You can find Crystal Jade at any corner of the city. 

Shop 2018, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street 

Beef and Tomato Soup Macaroni at Sing Heung Yuen 

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A dying minority now, this outdoor stall is one of a kind. One of the city's most iconic Dai Pai Dongs, its bright red soup is not for the weak - simply showing the amount of tomatoes generously used to perfect its signature dish. A slurp of this and grassroots Hong Kong is the taste you get. 

2 Mei Lun Street, Central 

The beef pictured in the title image can be found at Lan Fong Yuen on 2 Gage Street, Central. This hasn't been tried by our Foodie team however, and so cannot be guaranteed to be scintillating for your tastebuds. 


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