Burger Circus Opening Party

Burger Circus Opening Party

2-8pm on Sunday 8th March with FREE burgers and the chance of winning 365 burgers for the entire year to come.

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#MyBurgerFace. Welcome your new favourite burger joint, the newest addition of Black Sheep Restaurants *drum roll* ....Burger Circus. Don't miss the circus carnival as this babe celebrates its grand opening - 2-8pm on Sunday 8th March. Situated on 22 Hollywood Road, the party will be fun-filled with all sorts of entertainment; from acrobats to jugglers to live bands.

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Burger Circus will provide complimentary portions of its signature "The American Acrobat burger" - featuring a 5oz beef patty, american cheese, and certainly, a secret sauce. On top of that, its spiked milkshakes (F.B.I, Drunken Monkey) are deemed a must-try. See you next Sunday!

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22 Hollywood Road, Soho, Hong Kong

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