Salted Caramel Frenzy 

Salted Caramel Frenzy 

Four places in Hong Kong to get your sophisticated salty sugary fix 

fayefayewai  fayefayewai  on 5 Mar '15

Having a sugar crave? Topping culinary world hits at an all-time high, I believe many of you are salted caramel fanatics (myself being a guilty one). Here I examine some on-trend inventions starring our favourite dessert trend in town. 

Coming from the region of Brittany, the magic of little French macarons and caramels has sparked commercial additions of the flavour "salted caramel" to the biggest brands such as Häagendaaz and Starbucks. 

Salted Caramel Ice-cream Sandwich (Deep fried Bao) at Little Bao 

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This fun sized signature of LB was much smaller than we imagined. Although deep fried, the bao was not greasy at all. Great contrast between textures as the bun itself was crispy and soft inside, whilst the ice cream was cold and solid. The thick caramel sauce was indeed the hero of the dish, as the middle was essentially, a block of iced salt which made this treat a tad more savoury than its sisters. 

Price: $48

66 Staunton Street, Central 

Banana Foster at Sift Cupcakes 

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Behold fellow caramelitas! As you bite into this sweet treat, your tastebuds jump up with excitement as you approach free-flowing caramel drizzle in the center of this fresh banana cupcake. On top of this, its bourbon cream cheese is super silky smooth. It is no wonder that Sift has gained much exposure and many loyal ones.

Price: $28

46 Graham Street, Central

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich at Elephant Grounds 

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Elephant Grounds is one of the most exposed cafes in Hong Kong at the moment. Situated on the highlands of SoHo, this hidden gem shyly sits behind an accessory shop.

Only 40 pieces of their ice cream sandwiches are made every week, so make sure you get there early in case you end up walking downhill empty-stomached. Their ice cream sandwiches are on sale weekends only, and we were lucky enough to catch their salted caramel flavour this week which was offered only the second time since they opened (too many creative flavours). Sandwiched between two pieces of their brown sugar cookies, the ice cream was severely overpowered by the toffee glaze and disappointing for an astonishing price. 

Price: $68

11 Gough Street, Central 

Caramel Cake at Corner Kitchen Cafe 

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Do drop by Corner Kitchen Cafe (right next to Man Mo Temple) for their caramel cake. Perfect for any sweet tooth, these layers of caramel sauce, sponge, cream cheese and caramel crunch are divine. They offer caramel cheese cake too, if you're looking for a classy alternative but keeping that sexy swirl. 

Price: $55

226 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

So, what's your go-to salted caramel product? Let us know by leaving a comment. 



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