Kaiserschmarrn in the Making 

Kaiserschmarrn in the Making 

Take a look into a German version of homemade pancakes

fayefayewai  fayefayewai  on 7 Mar '15

Over the weekend, a friend from Nuremburg, Southern Germany came over to showcase her local delicacy, the Kaiserschmarrn. Originated from Austria and also common in Hungary, this is parallel to mainstream pancakes or crêpes, often enjoyed as a dessert. Here, Jule provides all you need to achieve this hearty, irresistible sweet.

All you need for four servings:

300ml of milk

30g of white sugar (depending on your sweet tooth) 

250g of flour

pinch of salt

4 eggs 


  • In a mixing bowl, separate the egg white and whisk it into a meringue-like texture. This is to give the pancakes a spongey bite. Remember to check if its done just like Jules did! 

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  • Then, add the yolks, milk, white sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Add in the flour and mix into a smooth batter.
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    • Using a bit of butter, pour the batter and cook it until it becomes golden brown (approx. 3 minutes per side).

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    • Using a spatula, tear the pancake into pieces and sprinkle with white or icing sugar. You may add raisins or serve with ice cream as well!

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    Here we go, our simple Kaiserschmarrn pancake! Take a look at our end product:

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    Featuring its meringue stuffing, the "K-man" is fluffy to the bite with a taste of home. Light and caramelised, this dish is perfect for everyone in the family, children and elderly alike. We're talking about easily attainable craving satisfaction here. 

    Recipe from the amazing Jules K. Thanks for showing us this wonderful treat! Das Gute!!

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    Would you like to try some Kaischermarrn? Have a go at making them at home yourself!

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