Old School Goodness: Sheung Wan 

Old School Goodness: Sheung Wan 

Bottled up magic and snake soup served only in HK   

fayefayewai  fayefayewai  on 14 Mar '15

Sheung Wan boasts a kaleidoscope of small family food businesses with unique flavours from each of the past decades. Tour around the gentrifying district to take a look on what's left of the Hong Kong food heritage. 

Shui Kee Coffee 

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Situated in Sheung Wan Civic Center right above of the local wet market, you'd find this form of heritage: french toast and bottled milk tea. The shabby stools and sticky tables might put you off a bit, but the omni-present crowd will ensure that you've come to the right place for the right food. Sticking around for almost 60 years, the bottle invention was to increase convenience of refrigerating the product - also meaning saving the cost for ice and preventing the dilution of the milk tea. 

Most remarkable for its HK style french toast, this traditional dish scored 38 on CNN's World's Most Delicious Foods and consists of deep-fried bread dipped in beaten egg, often served with butter and condensed milk. Shui Kee's french toast delivers just the perfect crunch and internal fluffiness. 

Shop 17, 2/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, Sheung Wan 

She Wong Lam 

Stepping into the eerie darkness of this shop, even at midday one would be scared as boxes with the label "POISONOUS SNAKES" Image titleare neatly stacked (see feature photo) opposite the dining area, which consists of three unsteady tables. One of the rare eateries that still serve snake in Hong Kong, She Wong Lam is a tradition that prides itself on a history of 105 years and counting. Filled with plenty of shredded snake pieces and fungus, this bowl of essence is thick unlike the boiled broth normally found. 

Literally meaning "Snake King Lam", this bowl of snake soup boasts a high medicinal value in Chinese therapy, including skin improvements and blood nourishment. Due to its "hot nature", this dish is popularly consumed during winter. 

13 Hillier Road, Sheung Wan 



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