Foods Worth Commuting For 

Foods Worth Commuting For 

Yep, these are the ones we would go travelling to find

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Food hunting? Look no more. Here we establish three foods we would spend half a day travelling across the city just to get a taste of. 

Chan Hon Kee at Tai Po 

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All the way in the New Territories, Chan Hon Kee is almost fully packed every night for dinner and is famous for its suppers - the restaurant is open til 4am everyday. Its signature pork Liver and Shrimp Cheong Fun were some of the best rice noodle rolls we have EImage titleVER had. We also tried some of its famous clay-pot rice with an absolutely generous amount of eel and chicken. The juices and flavour were fully absorbed into the rice, and we also enjoyed the slightly burnt rice on the bottom of the pot, which demonstrated a perfect balance of crunch and flavour. 

G/F, No. 91 Wan Tau Street, Tai Po 

Hoi King Restaurant at Lau Fau Shan 

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We salivate as we hear Hoi King, synonymous to the freshest deep fried oysters, steamed razor clams, and more seafood goodness. Despite how much of an effort it takes to reach Lau Fau Shan, all is good as you sit down and apprImage titleeciate the array of colours as dishes pass by you in the busy restaurant. It is no wonder Hoi King is filled with visitors any night of the week. We recommend the seasonal Steamed Yellow Oil Crab, which shouts richness in crab roe (and is well-worth the occasional cholestrol overload). 

G/F, 56 Ching Main Street, Lau Fau shan

Islam Food at Kowloon City 

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Notorious for its Veal Goulash, this juicy beef cake is the bomb. A spin on the popular Xiao Long Bao, we almost got our tongues burnt as the soup was steaming; which was a perfect compliment with the fried crispy pastry of the beef pocket. We were hooked in no time. Islam Food serves a Northern Chinese cuisine as well as some curry dishes. 

G/F, No.1 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City 


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