Really Good Foods in Really Dodgy Places

Really Good Foods in Really Dodgy Places

How risky are you willing to be for a fantastic dinner? These really good foods can be found in really dodgy places, so weigh up how far you're willing to go and then dive on in

fayefayewai  fayefayewai  on 30 Mar '15

There are so many eateries situated in dodgy, dark corridors that we couldn’t imagine houses some of the best delicacies in town. For the tourist who has no clue but to search up famous restaurants, search no more! These places are essential visits to experiencing the taste of Hong Kong. Get ready to be surprised!

Bun Heung Lau in Shek Kip Mei

Bun Heung Lau in Shek Kip Mei

Frequented by University Students, Bun Heung Lau is never empty despite its camouflaged location within a public estate. Famous for many of its fusion dishes, its Egg Yolk Fried Shrimp and Flame Grilled Beef are always favorites, just to name a few. When asked why people find Bun Heung Lau worth it despite going through the wet market and dark corridors, the answer was: its addictive iced chocolate.

Shop 204-205, 210-213,Nam Fung House, Nan Shan Estate, Shek Kip Mei
2778 8791

Holy Chef in Cheung Sha Wan 

Holy chef at Cheung Sha Wan

By far our favourite and a rising star, you'd never imagine finding a HOLY CHEF cafe in the midst of a lane of garages in a scarily quiet neighbourhood. With only 15 seats, customers flock to Holy Chef with a racing heart as they search for this hidden gem at their own risk (they don't take reservations). We loved their crab linguine, which was generously filled with fresh protein in every bite. Their all-day breakfasts are also highly celebrated in the foodie world. 

Shop 12, Cheung Fai Building, 401 - 405 Po On Road, Cheung Sha Wan

3460 3304

B Jai Leung Fun (Kei Kee) in Yuen Long

B Jei Leung Fun (Kei Kee)

Known as B Jai to all locals, this dessert shop that specialises in herbal grass jelly is always packed. You'll have to go to Yuen Long, which is a bit of a trek, but when you see its signature dish, its quantity alone would surprise you. This monster is a marriage of grass jelly with nato de coco, with a rainbow of fresh fruits that serves as a base for this big bowl. 

Shop 7, Chi Fu Centre, Yuen Long

2479 4743

San Kee in Tsim Sha Tsui

San Kee in Tsim Sha Tsui

Situated next to a dodgy underground camera shop and an area of sex merchandise, San Kee is a treasure known only to the real foodies of Hong Kong. Its signature cheese instant noodles are a secret recipe, and have started many celebrity addictions; tens of photos of the hottest local stars are stuck on its windows. We also loved its Swiss sauce chicken wings, tender to the bite and so sweet and loving with a dash of homemade goodness.

 Champagne Court 16-20, 13-14, Kimberley Road, TST

2574 3988

Wong Ming Kee in Kowloon City

Wong Ming Kee in Kowloon City

Inaccessible by MTR, this noodle shop is located at the darkest edge of Kowloon City. Famous for its fresh homemade meat balls and crystal noodles (ho fun), people queue up to get their handful of squid balls to reminiscence the taste of Wong Ming Kee at home.

80 Kai Tak Road, Kowloon City  

2716 2929



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