#FBF Foods We Miss As A Child

#FBF Foods We Miss As A Child

We asked around to find out favourite childhood nibbles from all over the world

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It's Friday and we decided to pull out a classic #flashback to our childhood eats. From down under to the likes of posh Brits, we investigate what people think of when it comes to those old, precious moments. 


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Oh Vienetta, where art thou? HomeKonger Chloe fondly misses this multi-layered fantasy with vanilla icecream and sprayed-on compound chocolate sauce, we get excited as we summon the visuals of the bunching creamy goodness, perfectly smooth matched with the crisp chocolate. 

Agar-Agar (Dai Choy Goh)

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An old-school classic, the mother informed that Dai Choy Goh is what they ate from street stalls in the 60s. Available sparingly in some local treasures particular on outlying islands, Dai Choy Goh is a popular asian jelly perfect for a dessert in summer due to its cooling properties. 

Tim Hortons Chicken Noodle Soup 

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No Vancouverite or Torontonian would be unfamiliar with the menu of Timmies. No matter on-the-go or just for a lunch break from work, Chicken Noodle Soup will always be a perfect start or end to a day. Sips of warm comfort is essentially what chicken noodle soup is about. 

Fairy bread 

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Fairy bread is a white bread toast covered with sweet sprinkles on top of a light, butter-spread. Hermes from Sydney thinks of fairy bread and its of no wonder. His innocent infancy revolved around "hundreds and thousands" - sweet rainbow delights; fairy bread is the best representation of the hopeful, nostalgic days he recalls whenever we see little ones fighting for the swings and running about at the park. 


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Occupying 72% of the Indonesian market of noodles, Indomie is a no-miss for deadline fighters or just an after-school snack; just the right solution when youre out of time. The smell of dried scallions can already get you craving for this yummy, homey snack. 

Victoria Sponge

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Queen Vic loved to enjoy a slice of sponge cake with her afternoon tea, and so do we. Hon, a student from the UK, speaks of his nostalgic affair with this sweet, fluffy bite; it is extremely rare to find Victoria Sponge in Hong Kong. Typically served with strawberry jam and sweet cream, what else can symbolise our childhood more? 

 What are your childhood favourites? Leave a comment to tell us more. 


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