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The Foodie Forks 2019

Voting closes April 15th

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Here are 2019's Foodie Forks Categories:

Best Restaurant: Where do you go for a special occasion?

Best New Restaurant: What new eatery made a mark on your taste buds?

Best New Bar: Where’s the hottest new spot in town for a tipple?

Chef of the Year: Who cooked you a meal that you still remember?

Best Desserts: Your sweet tooth will tell you the answer to this one

Best Cafe: Who serves up the best cuppa in town?

*Best Green Eats : Who is doing the best vegetarian menu options, even if it’s also serving meat?

Hidden Gem : Reveal that great place you cherish that never seems to get any love

Food Hero: Tell us who inspired you in the world of food this year.

*Most Inspiring Initiative : Choose one from the menu, or add your own enterprise that has a philanthropic, community, or environmental purpose that inspired you in the world of food

SELECT Inspiring Initiative

  • Black Sheep Restaurants + Hong Kong Correctional Services
  • Red Sauce Hospitality Melting Pot Series
  • The Influencer Series by Maximal Concepts
  • Peng Ho Restaurant Continues To Feed the Homeless Daily
  • Pay It Forward at Stazione Novella
  • Feather & Bone’s Free Fruit for Children Basket
  • The Last Straw Movement
  • Invisible Kitchen serving 100% sustainable seafood


"*" new category for the Foodie Forks 2019!

2019 Partners

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Nominate your top choices in the F&B industry for those innovating and working daily to keep all of us incredibly well fed and inspired!

Each year, we celebrate the best in the world of food. Now in our eighth year, the Foodie Forks Awards are firmly established as one of the most important indicators of the best of the F&B industry in Hong Kong simply because they have been decided by all you foodies out there!

With your hard earned votes, you will choose the best tastes, faces and places in our fine food city by sending across your pledges to those that have earned your stomach’s respect and votes for everything from the best dessert to best new restaurant.

Taking part in Foodie Forks is super easy, all you have to do is click here to nominate your favourite eateries and people behind the scenes to ensure they get the props they deserve.

Who will reign supreme?

Your votes decide.....

For a full list of last year's award winners, read the May/June 2018 magazine:

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