Exclusive Food Products at Foodie Market

Exclusive Food Products at Foodie Market

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Come visit us for fun (and food) this weekend!

In addition to eco-friendly goodies, exclusive cookbooks and more, our booth at Foodie Market this weekend (taking place at Taste of Hong Kong presented by Standard Chartered 2017, at Central Harbourfront from 16–19 March) will be showcasing a dynamic range of food products as highlighted below:

Nuts and Condiments from Chilli Fagara

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From Chilli Fagara, get fired up with a range of fresh, mouth-numbing artisanal nuts and condiments – spicy chilli almond and cashew packs, chilli powder house blend, XO sauce and vegetarian XO sauce – letting you recreate the authentic Sichuan dining experience from the comfort of your own home.

Oyster and Soy Sauces from Yuan's 

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From Yuan's, we will be offering a range of exclusive soy sauce products – light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and golden oyster sauce – all of which are locally and naturally brewed from the highest-quality Canadian soybeans and fermented for at least one year. Distinguishing them from the sauces you can find on any old shelf at the local supermarket, Yuan's sauces are free from all nasties, including preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours, 3-MCPD and stevioside.

Yuan's recognised Gold Label Soy Sauce is made from a recipe as old as the Qing Dynasty. Previously served only to emperors and requiring a prolonged fermentation process of four years, it should not come as a surprise that this soy sauce is the most expensive in the world. Yuan's secret recipe retains the essence, depth and flavour of the soybeans, elevating the freshness and taste of any meat, fish, seafood, bean curd, egg or vegetable dish. The sauce also contains cognitive-enhancing vitamins and amino acids, adding a bonus health benefit to this already-enticing condiment. 

Pasta Sauces from Tuscan Traditions

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We will also be offering a range of pasta sauces from Tuscan Traditions, perfect for adding a dimension of authentic Italian flavour to your home-cooked pasta, rice dishes and soups.

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