Foodie Holiday Market 2017 Day Planner

Foodie Holiday Market 2017 Day Planner

There are lots of exciting happenings at our Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market, which means lots of planning and prep work to conquer the weekend!

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Foodie Market  Foodie Market  on 5 Dec '17

Foodie wants to make your life easier and much more delicious, so we’ve put together an official Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market day planner to make your visit to Causeway Bay’s Food Street a piece of cake (seriously, there IS a lot of cake going on).

If you’re anything like our Foodie staff, you’ll have a nice lie-in and show up at noon to start sampling the chocolates, cakes, truffles, savoury snacks and wine, just to get you in the right frame of mind for some serious shopping.

Now it’s time for some gift buying – whether it’s a holiday hamper, home decorations, a new sweater or some of the unique Foodie eMarket exclusives that you can’t find at a shop. Hint, hint: Puni Puni Sushi plushies! We have them here.

Lastly – and this is crucial – sit down, relax and grab a bite, beer or coffee at any of the eight great restaurants right here on Food Street. This is Hong Kong al fresco eating at its finest, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

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Lady M Rose Mille Crepes

Elephant Grounds has your coffee and ice cream needs covered, COEDO will hook you up with Japanese craft beers and snacks or you can join the cake-loving crowds at Lady M.

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Simplylife is a great spot for brunch or lunch, while a stop at El Born will cure your tapas cravings. BurgeRoom will satisfy your ground-beef desires, and the folks at Marbling will handle your steaks with a professional touch.   

Minh & Kok are always ready to serve Vietnamese fans with flavour and style, and the seafood specialists at Coast will take your surf and turf to a whole new level.

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Bistro Bloom

For French-bistro-inspired bites in a relaxed setting, visit Bistro Bloom, and don’t forget, Foodie friends, Cedele and their delicious menu of café favourites that are nutritionally balanced and heart healthy.

That’s it (sort of). Now you need to take one more stroll through our market and grab a few bottles of wine, some cupcakes and those adorable sushi cushions! 

Foodie Market

Foodie Market

Come join us for loads of food and fun

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