4 Ways to Snag Foodie Freebies

4 Ways to Snag Foodie Freebies

Food hampers, bottles of wine, kitchen supplies and more – only at our awesome Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market!

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Foodie Market  Foodie Market  on 29 Nov '17

This is the gift-giving season and Foodie is feeling generous. Think of us as Santa Claus this year – we’re bringing our big, fat bag of presents to the Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market every weekend for the rest of the year. Big thanks to our vendors for their generosity too!

Here’s how you can snag some of these freebies at our upcoming markets:

Option #1: online form

Giveaway: 2 December 2017

Giveaway: 3 December 2017

Since you’re reading this right now, head on over to a questionnaire page, fill it in and come down to the market to pick up your swag.

Option #2: guess-how-much-pasta game

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Since you’re already coming to the market, you might as well enter to win our mega Classified basket. This thing is massive and it’s filled with as many Classified goodies as we could get our hands on. This hamper is the gift that you have always dreamed of (but decided to pay rent instead!). Here’s the tricky part: the only way to win this amazing prize is to guess the number of pasta pieces in our special jar, which is located at the Foodie booth at the market. So get on down there!

Option #3: random game challenge

Do you like games? Can you move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands? How well can you use chopsticks? How high can you stack potato crisps? Only the best scores of the weekend will walk away with Foodie prizes, but you can’t win if you don’t play. Look for the Foodie game table at the Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market this weekend and show off your food-related skills to win.

Option #4: collect vendors’ stamps (NEW THIS WEEK!)

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Foodie wants to give you great gifts, but some of our prizes are so huge, we need you to work for them. Our newest way to win will take you on a Foodie Market grand tour to collect stamps from 10 different market vendors. Oh yeah, that’s easy, you say? Not so fast there – we also need you to spend $100 with our vendors. I hear you complaining already, but it’s going to be super easy because we have so much good stuff for sale at the market and you still have six market sessions to get it all done.    

Foodie Market

Foodie Market

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