The Perfect Christmas Gifts for 5 Different Types of Foodies

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for 5 Different Types of Foodies

We know it can be nerve-racking getting Christmas gifts for those with different preferences – this list could be a lifesaver!

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Foodie Market  Foodie Market  on 11 Dec '17

Okay, hands up. Who missed the fleeting Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals last month? And who’s guilty of not buying any Christmas gifts just yet?

Not to worry – ‘cause you know Foodie’s always got your back. We have curated a list of gifts for five different types of Foodies for some #giftspiration, and you can get these goodies at our upcoming Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market

#1 The Drinkie

If you have to get a Christmas gift for a drinkie-loving friend, you’re in luck. The Alcoholic is the easiest type of Foodie to buy for (and also one of the easiest to satisfy). They are always more than happy to get a bottle of wine or a pack of craft beer to add to their ever-growing alcoholic collection.


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MyiCellar is a mobile platform for people to discover wine and tasting events. With this app, you can easily access a huge selection of wine from local distributors and have it delivered right to your door, and it will also keep you updated about wine news and tasting events in town. Myicellar will be making a live appearance at this week’s market and will be offering great deals on Bottega Moscato pink sparkling wine, Bottega Moscato sparkling wine, Bottega Pinot Noir sparkling wine, Churchill’s Tawny Port 10 Years Old, Churchill’s Tawny Port 20 Years Old, Churchill’s White Port Aperitif and more.

Young Master Brewery

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Young Master Brewery is Hong Kong’s largest, highest-rated and most awarded craft brewery, producing a wide range of exciting craft beers. They kick-started the craft-brewing movement in Hong Kong in 2013, and their mission has been to make truly distinctive beers with world-class quality standards, with no pandering to lowest-common-denominator flavour profiles.

RW Wine Store

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RW Wine Store excels as a wholesaler and retailer of unique and specially selected wines from small Italian family wineries and vineyards and imports directly from bigger Italian wineries, including Mizzon, Giorgi, Guarini, Pellegrino, Riva and Agrisole.

... And for your non-drinkie friend


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Wong’s Food & Beverage Limited is ready to quench your thirst with imported drinks worthy of every foodie’s holiday gathering. This week’s taste-bud temptations include bottles of wild elderflower bubbly, Damascene rose bubbly, lime crush, hot ginger beer, sparkling apple crush, tonic water and English apple juice.

#2 The Family Man/Woman

This section is literally for that “homie” friends of yours who just loves being in the comfort of their own home, watching Netflix and indulging in good, quality time with their loved ones. Get them some cute decorations to spruce up their homes and some delicious food to warm up their souls.

Chic Home Deco

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It's time to transform your tiny apartment into a cosy-chic space. The folks at Chic Home Deco are committed to providing you with a cosy-chic shopping experience by offering premium-quality and unique products imported mainly from Europe at affordable prices. They are bringing a wide selection of household accessories to the market including aprons, tea towels, oven gloves, glassware, throws and much more.

Image title is a casual neighbourhood eatery and market serving up a wide variety of simple and absolutely delicious Italian food in an unpretentious manner. Most ingredients are flown in fresh from Italy, so guests can experience the joy of eating and sharing like a true Italian family. Come and visit the table, pick up a free gelato voucher and try out Italian delicacies that are perfect for Foodie Market snacking. Italians are all about big family feasts, so get a whole panettone for a loved one’s festive feasting!

Peacock Fine Foods

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Peacock Fine Foods belongs to a family of food fanatics, drawing on their experience in the F&B and FMCG markets to identify, source and select unique, high-quality products from around the world for their Hong Kong consumers. Come and taste the award-winning raw New Zealand honey and artisanal Belgian chocolate that is organic, fair trade, vegan and gluten free. The nine different honey flavours include blackcurrant, lavender, wild thyme and manuka. Also get a few of these cute chocolates for the kids of your Family Man/Woman friend and score some brownie points!

#3 The Sweet Tooth

Wanna be a sweet friend to your sweet-toothed friends? Win their hearts with creative cakes, yummy baked goods, dessert crêpes and truckloads of chocolate.


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Cedele designs real food for real people, with chefs handcrafting honest, wholesome dishes that nourish the body and satisfy the soul. Their ethos “Eat Well. Be Well” translates into everything they do, from sourcing fresh, quality ingredients to creating delicious and nutritious food, slow-cooked and handmade from scratch daily for your enjoyment. Cedele’s assorted Christmas cookies box, assorted marble shortbread cookies box and classic aged fruit cake make for great seasonal treats.

Patisserie Jeffery Koo

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Patisserie Jeffery Koo is an up-and-coming local brand in Hong Kong co-founded by executive pastry chef Koo Ka Chun. With an extensive and impressive CV, Chef Koo is one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated pastry chefs and a World Chocolate Masters Best Taste awardee! PJK use the top European and local suppliers to bring customers the highest-quality food and bakery ingredients and supplies. Be prepared for a delicious selection of cakes, jams and chocolate truffles at the holiday market this weekend.

Victor & Hugo Chocolate & Wine

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Victor & Hugo is an established and well-respected chocolate and wine retailer in Hong Kong that offers quality products and exceptional customer service to shoppers, plus the ability to browse and purchase from their lovely selection of wines for home delivery. Expect to take home some top-notch Italian and French wines and Belgian chocolate.

#4 The Wellness Guru

Getting wellness products for that health-conscious friend says a lot about you – that you are a thoughtful friend who cares about their well-being. Buy a range of wellness products, from pretty packaged teas to organic organic beauty products.


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There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea as the temperatures start falling, and BASAO Tea has come to the Foodie Holiday Market to help to warm you up. Based in Hong Kong, BASAO works closely with artisanal producers across the growing regions of Asia to produce a range of “clean” teas grown in living soil, free from inorganic fertilisers and pesticides. The result is a diverse range of teas made using traditional methods and of exceptional quality. Check out the wide selection of teas including Wazuka Sencha green tea, Kukicha green tea and Classical Smoky Bohea, along with exclusive teaware.


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Berries4Beauty have gathered an unsurpassed selection of skincare, haircare, bodycare and make-up brands from all around the world and are bringing their knowledge and products to the Foodie Holiday Market. Let Berries4Beauty share their secrets and help your friends to exude their beauty from the inside out.

Everything Organic

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Those of you with friends who are into clean and healthy eating will definitely want to stock up on organic goods from Everything Organic. With exclusive distribution rights across Asia-Pacific for CityFarm and Be Organic food products, which are all ECO certified, they offer a wide range of competitively priced, high-quality and consistently clean organic products – we’re talking about juices, extra-virgin olive oil, tomato paste, pasta, dried fruits and nuts, soap, body lotion and lip balm. They are also taking orders for high-quality Christmas hampers for all your organic-loving friends and family.


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“No airs, no graces, just fine tea” sums up the Teapigs world. They offer super-quality tea without the pomp, bow ties and gold trim. The tea comes in biodegradable tea “temples”, so it’s loose tea without the fuss. Each tea temple contains whole leaves, flowers or berries – no dust! At the market, Teapigs will be showcasing their massive selection of teas, and if you are a good little piggy, they might let you have a sip or two. Taste, choose, buy and gift these unique teas to the tea piggy in your life.

#5 The Chef

Your chef friend will adore the wide array of truffle products from Sabatino Tartufi. We especially love how easy it is to use a jar of their truffle zest, sprinkling it over scrambled eggs or roast potatoes to get a gourmet food experience. And if your chef friend were to cook up a storm for you with these truffle yummies that you bought... it’s like the perfect killing-two-birds-with-one-stone gifting strategy!

Sabatino Tartufi

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Established in 1911, Sabatino Tartufi carries only the most highly regarded truffle species and brings to you a wide range of original truffle products. The blend of modern technology and traditional recipes creates the ultimate truffle experience. All truffles are processed and preserved with the utmost care to maintain their freshness and high quality. Sabatino Tartufi will provide you with the perfect gifts for all the food connoisseurs in your life.

Bonus: Foodie eMarket

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A bestseller on our eMarket: Tuscan Traditions pasta sauces

Avid Foodie followers will know that we launched our eMarket a few months ago, stocking your favourite #zerowaste products like our top-selling metal straws (with cleaning brush), lunch boxes and branded tote bags. With people buying the metal straws in big quantities for kids’ birthday parties and random gifts, we sure know they are great for mass gifting! So, yes, we’re setting up a booth at the market where you can stock up on your #zerowaste presents. Not only that – we’re selling other eMarket favourites such as our newly stocked Puni Puni Sushi plushies and delicious vegan Buddha’s Garden pasta sauces! Don’t forget to grab a six-pack (or two) of our exclusive Foodie wine glasses on your way to the big office holiday party.

When: every weekend from 18 November–31 December 2017, 12–8pm (Saturdays) (Saturdays) and 12–6pm (Sundays)

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Where: Food Street at Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay (between Kingston Street and Gloucester Road)

18 Days of Giveaways: 16 & 17 December 2017

Aside from indulging in some retail therapy, get your hands on some freebies with our 18 Days of Giveaways. Here’s to rewarding our awesome, loyal Foodie Club members! (see *T&Cs below)

16 December Giveaway

17 December Giveaway

To be considered for the giveaway, you have to:

1) Pick the date you would like to attend the market

2) Sign up on one of the forms above and answer a few simple questions

3) Come to the Foodie Holiday Market on the specific date to see if you have won and claim your prize

Winners are selected based on correct answers and timing of entry (we have between 50–100 items available per day).

Stamp-collecting giveaway

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Want a premium gift from our giveaway booth? Well, you gotta work for it! Explore the various booths we have at our Fashion Walk x Foodie Holiday Market this weekend, collect 10 stamps with an accumulative spending of HK$100 and get a gift from us! 

The theme for this week’s giveaway is crunch & munch:  

Foodie Table

Team Foodie will be there throughout the market, from Christmas all the way to New Year’s Eve, celebrating the special occasions with you at our Foodie hub. Located near Cedele, come and say hi! While you’re at it, come and play random games with us and win something special or simply sign up for a workshop.

Random game challenge: folding challenge

Thankfully, it’s not the Christmas tree you are tackling. Let’s see how fast you can fold stuff!

Guess-the-pasta challenge

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Stand a chance to win a huge Classified hamper by giving your best guess as to the number of pasta pieces in the jar!

*Giveaway T&Cs: every participant is entitled to only one item from the giveaway. One entry per person. Multiple entries do not guarantee a better chance of winning. Items given will be at random; winners cannot choose their prize. Items not claimed on the specific date will not be kept or transferred. While supplies last. Foodie’s decision in regards to the selection of winners is final. 

Foodie Market

Foodie Market

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