BottlesXO: Wines GIVEAWAY

BottlesXO: Wines GIVEAWAY

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Drop by Foodie's Facebook page on Thursday, 26 May at 12pm for a chance to win a bottle of Cordon Bleu or discount vouchers from BottlesXO

There was a time not so long ago, when any sort of purchases entailed physically walking into a brick-and-mortar store and handing over notes and coins. Technology worked its magic and you can now practically purchase anything without so much as venturing beyond your home front door. This trend seems ever growing on the food front too, from grocery to cooked foods, mobile purchase developments have extended to even wines, and that's where BottlesXO comes in. 

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BottlesXO is a wine delivery company that promises to deliver quality yet affordable European wines to your doorstep (or the beach, or the restaurant, or the office meeting) within 1 hour. Wines are personally selected by their own wine connoisseurs from boutique wineries to ensure they make the cut and imported directly from the producers. By shunning away from big brands, they're able to offer economical prices and diversity. Best of all? Purchasing is done via a few clicks on your mobile application.

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If you're eager to try some of their wines, Foodie has teamed up with BottlesXO to offer 20 x $150 digital discount vouchers and a bottle of Cordon Bleu from the prestigious house de Venoge, one of the oldest houses of Champagne. If you want to get your hands on the vouchers or the Cordon Bleu, head to Foodie's Facebook page on Thursday 26th May at 12pm. The competition will be live only for a few hours!  

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