New Restaurant: Fratelli. Love Rummin’ Tings and Amalfitana? Meet their pasta-rolling little sister in Repulse Bay

New Restaurant: Fratelli

Love Rummin’ Tings and Amalfitana? Meet their pasta-rolling little sister in Repulse Bay

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The Pulse in Repulse Bay is awash with great places to eat – if you can get yourself over there, that is. Without an MTR station to entice a quick trip, it’s still a bus or taxi ride away, which prevents it from getting its full dues as a primo spot for lunch or supper. But, if you live in the area or have planned a day out at the beach, you will probably already have poked your head into the newest eatery on the sand-strewn block. With big brother Amalfitana spinning pizzas a few doors down, Fratelli has opened its concertina doors to the pasta-seeking public.

With a moody blue interior that’s slick yet comfortable and a chic bar that looks like it’d be fun in the evenings, Fratelli has the laid-back Italian vibe down pat. It’s also got a killer clear view of the beach and sea, which, on a sunny day like the one we visited, is hard to beat. There’s a handy playground right opposite too, making extended dinners a possibility despite short attention spans.

Our server, Noel, told us that he moonlights as a DJ, and there was a solid playlist of hits oozing through the speakers as we perused the menu filled with salads, antipasti and, of course, pastas, half of which are handmade in Italy and the other half in-house at Fratelli.

There is a very adventurous cocktail menu with tipples like the Dory Nori, seaweed-infused Bulleit Rye with elderflower, chamomile, cucumber and green chartruese, the Fratelli Flirt, a gin, carrot-juice and egg-white combo, and the Kale Breeze, made with mezcal, rum, agave syrup and kale. They also have a G&T menu, low-alcohol spritzes and a range of refreshing-looking mocktails.

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Dory Nori

Here’s a look at some of the dishes and prices:

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An essential seaside item: mussels ($140)

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An Italian classic: vitello tonnato ($100)

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It might look like dessert, but it’s not: bruschetta burrata ($140)

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Another bruschetta variety: bruschetta pesto ($90)

Image titleWhen you don’t know what to order, go for the tagliatelle bolognese ($120)
Image titleJust pork cheek, tomato, Parmesan and Pecorino: bucatini amatriciana ($110)

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Get this one if you’re looking for a kick to the palate – plus it’s topped with fresh stracciatella: orecchiette ’nduja ($160)

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This cheesy crust houses thick, silky waves of pasta within the homemade lasagne ($150)

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There’s a big meat dish on the menu too if you didn’t come for the pasta: Wagyu rib-eye ($480)

Shop 112B, G/F, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, 2887 0082

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