Foodie Magazine July/August 2018 Issue Out Now: Game Changers

Foodie Magazine July/August 2018 Issue Out Now: Game Changers

Four of Asia’s top restaurateurs revisited

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In this issue, we had the opportunity to dive back in time to six years ago when we first interviewed four inspirational restaurateurs who were making a difference to the rising food scene in Asia. We revisit them today and learn how they have all endured and continued to build, disrupt and endear diners with their iconic restaurants. The common thread of each of the dining establishments is their unique ability to be seamlessly entrenched within the community, creating a lasting appeal that ensures monthly, and even weekly, repeat customers along with the beautiful dishes they serve. Who are these galvanising game changers paving the way of Asia’s dynamic dining landscape? Flip to page 10 and read about their journey to this point – and how astonishingly correct all their food predictions from back then have turned out to be.

Take a look back in time and into the future; as long as food is at the forefront, we’re there!


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