Foodie Magazine September/October 2018 Issue Out Now: Eggless Eggs

Foodie Magazine September/October 2018 Issue Out Now: Eggless Eggs

Would you eat plant-based eggs or are you too chicken?

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Today, we have options. And plenty of them, ranging from non-meat meats, eggless eggs and lab-grown tuna to purely plant-based proteins; this is our future of food.

Don’t blame the messenger here – I’m a meat lover myself, but even I’ve embraced a much-reduced meat diet, and, frankly, so should you. Whether it be eating more vegetable dishes each day or embracing the growing number of meat alternatives out there, we need to dial it back more than a few notches.

We didn’t used to eat so much meat anyway. Technology made it possible to produce meat on an industrial scale – at the cost of our planet (and probably our health too) – and now new technology will help us to fix all the environmental damage we've caused. From bioengineered beef, pea-protein pork, plant-based eggs and cultured fish to mung-bean eggs and cricket pasta, there are suddenly plenty of options out there.

Our planet can’t handle our ever-increasing demand for animal products along with our ever-increasing population. These innovations are coming just in time to provide an alternative to eating the foods we’ve come to love – a little too much – by giving us all the taste and texture minus the ecological abuses that we depend on to produce them. It may take a bit of time to get used to the idea, but starting small with a few meat-free days a week may soon lead us to a plate that looks very different yet tastes just as good. And, then, there really will be plenty more fish in the sea.


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