Tour through Spain, Europe and Asia’s World of Tapas with Estrella Damm

Tour through Spain, Europe and Asia’s World of Tapas with Estrella Damm

The Estrella Damm Beer and Tapas Journey returns to Hong Kong – win a trip for two to Barcelona!

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In partnership with Estrella Damm

How does an evening spent visiting Hong Kong’s best tapas restaurants paired with a frothy Estrella Damm at each stop sound? If experiencing the beer designed for gourmet cuisine along with the fantastic food itself sounds good to you, join the journey and head to a gastronome’s dream date around the city.

Estrella Damm was made to be paired with beautiful foods. It is a company passionate about bringing people together to enjoy more than just a meal but also the Mediterranean way of life spent enjoying sharing food over long afternoons of eating and drinking. After the success of their previous tapas tours around the world, they want to share this experience with Hong Kongers once again and have selected the city’s top chefs to prepare Spanish, European and Asian fusion tapas accompanied by cold Estrella Damm.

Until 30 November 2018, you can enjoy one tapa paired with an Estrella Damm beer for $68–88. Find out more here.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

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Mapo tofu nachos from Club Nine ($88)

Paired with a perfectly poured pint, these fusion nachos combine the traditional cheesy nacho flavour with a surprising twist from spicy Sichuan mapo tofu. The combination of tofu and sour cream creates a harmony of sweet, savoury, spicy and numbing flavours in every bite.

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Bao with pickled onion, brisket and soybean millefeuille from LAVA Bar & Restaurant ($88)

This soft and fluffy homemade steamed bun filled with 24 hour slow-cooked beef brisket with crispy soybean mille feille produces a perfect match of tastes and textures all in one scintillating bite.

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Ox tongue carpaccio with confit egg yolk and salsa verde from Tivo ($88)

This 18-hour slow-cooked ox tongue results in a soft, tender and juicy tapa that melts in the mouth, served with a refreshing green salsa made with parsley and creamy confit egg yolk to create a well-balanced dish in both texture and flavour, especially so when paired with a cold beer.

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Using Diamond Shell from New Zealand, rather than ordinary clams, these are naturally full of plump meat with a mild, sweet ocean flavour and a crisp texture. Stir-fried with Spanish chorizo, garlic and chili, for a juicy and flavourful delight of a dish.

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SPICY COD ROE TEMPURA from No.13 ($68)

Spicy cod roe are wrapped with perilla leaf and Japanese seaweed, then deep fried with tempura batter for a crispy outside and tender inside. The perilla leaf’s unique aroma perfectly balances the salty and oily texture of the spicy cod roe with a refreshing beer to wash it all down.

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SAUTEED ARTICHOKES from Bahce Turkish ($88)

Using only the hearts of fresh artichokes –which are the most tender and flavourful part– then sauteed with olive oil, salt and vinegar, for a simple but very delicious tapas dish.

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BOERIE CHAKALAKA from Tap Tap ($68)

The deconstructed Boerewors (South Africa sausage) patty is served on a sweetcorn polenta cake with a fruity tomato relish that's finished with a topping of fresh coriander and a frothy pint pays the perfect complement.

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Created by Michelin-recommended restaurant, La Bo La, these meatball are both delicious and unforgettable, especially when paired with Estrella Damm. Minced pork seasoned with lemongrass, fish sauce and spices, then formed into meatballs and pan-fried until golden brown and served with a homemade sesame sauce. This dish is juicy, aromatic and extremely flavourful and perfectly designed to pair with the unique flavours of the beer.

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A traditional tapas from Spain, the croquettes are made with salted cod fish and mashed potato, then coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried. The result is a crispy exterior and creamy soft inside that's perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury, as well as a touch of tang with the addition of the parmesan soubise & tomato fondue.

Win a trip to Barcelona

Members who have booked and attended the most designated restaurants via the OpenRice table-booking service from 1 October–30 November 2018 will have the chane to win the grand prize of a trip for two to Barcelona!

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