Discovering New Ways to Feed Your Employees

Discovering New Ways to Feed Your Employees

Join in to get the dish on all the latest trends and innovations to incorporate into your business’s catering needs

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Innovation can begin within all areas of any business. With corporate social responsibility becoming increasingly important to many industry giants, taking steps to ensure your company is up to date on the current trends and even ahead of the curve can have a resounding impact throughout the entire business. This includes catering services. Think about how important food is in daily life. Applied to employees, it can make for a wealth of happiness in the office, and your business’s choices can also have a tremendous effect on the planet.

So, have you thought about how you can contribute as a decision-maker for your company’s catering services?

That’s what the upcoming Trenovation event is designed for, exploring some of the hot topics in the catering industry – sustainability, local food producers, healthy eating, food choices and great taste – and how they can be applied to large-scale business-catering requirements.

Taking place on Tuesday, 27 November 2018 from 1:35–5pm, Compass Group have incorporated the five elements into the theme with an interactive agenda that’ll have you learning while exploring all the avenues and ideas you can incorporate into your own business for positive effects. Have fun and win some prizes!

Trenovation Hong Kong

The five core themes of the afternoon

金 Metal: Trenovation (Trend + Innovation) in Your Work Life

Compass Group Hong Kong will speak on sustainability integration in offices and canteens and discuss industry trends.

木Wood: From Bean to Bar

Puratos, a leading cocoa supplier, will discuss the survival of farmers and how our chocolate is being optimised in flavour from fermentation to finished product.

水Water: Oyster Heritage at Lau Fau Shan

Hong Kong Oyster Company and Hong Kong Oyster Cultural and Ecological Association will discuss local third- generation oyster farming in Hong Kong and the purifying processes that ensure complete safety for local shellfish.

火Fire: Longest Daylight Prefecture

From the region in Japan with the most daylight hours, Miyazaki, comes their Prefectural Hong Kong Representative Office to discuss why the best fruits and vegetables in nature come from this area owing to the increased sunlight that the produce receives.

土Earth: Wow No Cow

Renowned new milk-alternative brand Oatly will speak about why cow’s milk is for baby cows and why oat milk is right for humans.

Trenovation Hong Kong

You will gain insight and inspiration from these diverse speakers on the future of food services impacting the globe and how to implement these ideas into your own business.

Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Time: 1:35–5pm

Location: 31/F, Fun Tower, 35 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong

Please pre-register at ASAP while seats last. There will also be wonderful goodies for all attendees! For more information about this event, please contact

About Compass Group Hong Kong:

Leading the food-services industry in Hong Kong since 1994, Compass Group Hong Kong provides catering and support services to several prestige clients and industry giants in the banking and IT industries as well as the government, international schools, hotels, hospitals and clubhouses throughout Hong Kong.



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