Foodie Magazine January/February 2019 Issue Out Now: Peas at Last. It’s our 100th issue!

Foodie Magazine January/February 2019 Issue Out Now: Peas at Last

It’s our 100th issue!

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 25 Jan '19

This feels very literally like the Year of the Pig for me, and not for the reason you might immediately assume. The wild boars of Lamma have returned to our neighbourhood (they appear every few years to wreak a bit of havoc on the local bins – who knows where they go in between). There are usually one or two, but this year has brought with it a whole clan of little piggies that aren’t so little and now crowd the path on my walk home every eve. They used to be the skittish sort that would tear into the woods at the first sign of off-the-ferry footfall, but not this new breed. Perhaps their more mellow attitude is due to the flexitarian outlook and alternative meats that are taking Hong Kong by storm – specifically, in this case, Omnipork – further solidifying their comfortable footing around the human species as they devour the delights of the rubbish bins. The pigs are taking back Hong Kong, one hoof at a time!

And although the mess they bring is large, the irony is not lost on this resident. As we all continue to care more about where our food comes from and its impact on our bodies and the environment, viewing meat as an occasional indulgence rather than the main protein element of every meal, it seems this really is the Year of the Pig.

So here’s to thinking more about what we eat (we can still pig out!).



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