Who to Follow on Foodie Twitter

Who to Follow on Foodie Twitter

Foodie Twitter is a gold mine of interesting, quirky and real-time information. We share our favourite tweeters

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Twitter was reported to be down and out a few years ago, but it’s had a recent resurgence in popularity. Foodie is proud to have stuck with our troubled pre-teen (Twitter was launched back in 2006) – even if it’s true that there are those in the Foodie office who are more on the Instagram bandwagon.

Why should you join Twitter? After all, you have Facebook and Instagram, right? Maybe even Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr...

First and foremost, follow @foodiehk for our latest original content as well as shares.

The Foodie Twitter account posts our latest Hong Kong restaurant openings and reviews, as well as F&B news around town as it happens. Get this information first without ever needing to go to Facebook.

Twitter is also the best source of real-time information. Why is there an MTR delay? @mtrupdate will tell you. Want to know when the typhoon signal will give you a lie-in? Follow @ObservatoryHK.

Of course, real-time information can be awfully misleading too – first takes based on a one-minute video taken out of context are obviously not the best way to understand the nuances of a situation, but if you keep this in mind, you can be the first to learn about breaking news and, most importantly, breaking food-related news, deals and trends.

To enjoy Twitter, you just need to pursue your interests. We share our favourites below to get you started:

Who to follow on Twitter – foodie stuff

@(all your favourite chefs, bars and restaurants!)

Do a search for your favourites, follow them and get a heads-up on any specials, happy hours and last-minute deals. Start with a search of #hkrestaurants.


@SpecProdapp on Twitter

We love to read about obscure and interesting produce, and SpecialtyProduce App’s Twitter account is a hidden gem of information. Download the app if you please, after you follow them.


Tastemade is the master of foodie short videos. They invariably suck you in with an incredible shot of the finished product and the promise that it will be a breeze to whip up. Worth keeping on your timeline.


@InsiderFood on Twitter

There’s a bit of fluff in this feed – and if you don't appreciate a little pick-me-up fluff in your life, what are you even doing? – but there’s also gold in them hills. For example, ants on a stick is so, so topical – alternative protein is one of the fastest-growing industry segments along with plant-based meats. And how different is an insect from a crustacean, really? We even sell cricket cookies at afoodiemarket.com!


@foodandwine on twitter

Food and Wine presents a mix of recipes, interesting study results, news stories and clickbait.

Kat Kinsman is the senior editor of @foodandwine and is also worth a follow. This account is more personal than @foodandwine but often more compelling – check out her impressive citrus ranking experiment.

@bonappetit and @Basically

Recipes, recipes and more recipes! Also gorgeous food pics and interviews with chefs – these accounts help to make our timeline a happy place.


We don’t know who’s behind this account. They aren’t selling anything, they’re not looking for clicks or page views, but they seem to be everywhere, tweeting and retweeting all things food. Follow for the pure nosy love of seeing what people are eating.

Celebrities + fun


@chrissyteigen on TwitterChrissie Teigen is a celebrity model, and she’s not shy about wading into political discourse. But Mrs John Legend is also a foodie powerhouse – her cookbooks are bestsellers, and that’s despite the difficulty many have taking her cooking seriously. With a Thai-American heritage, Chrissy draws on both and always has interesting recipes, thoughts on the world and child-friendly tips.

@MoonPie, @Wendys, @BurgerKing and @Arbys

@moonpie, @wendys, @burgerking and @arbys on Twitter

These guys are entertainingly interactive with one another and their followers.


New on the scene and highly recommended is @fodorstravel – great travel tips, mostly coherent but nearly always hilarious musings and just a smidgen of food-related content.


@gwynethpaltrow on twitter

Gwyneth’s goop is famous for selling weird and controversial homeopathic knick-knacks (vampire spray, anyone?). We have a soft spot for Gwyneth’s first cookbook though – she’s legit in the kitchen – so we like to keep an eye on her and her goopy contributions.

Food tech


@brinciot on twitter

Hong Kong’s own tech accelerator programme, and the only food-tech accelerator in Asia, Brinc is the one to watch in the region. Their partnership with the amazing egg-free JUST Egg by CEO Josh Tetrick was announced at our very own Food’s Future Summit 2018. We can’t wait to see what our local talent has come up with related to the very important issue of the future of food.


@TheSpoonTech on TwitterThe Spoon Tech is, for us, the perfect blend of tech + food + intrigue. They are at the cutting edge – at all the important tech conferences and singling out everything foodie for all of us. Thank you, Spoon Tech. Except for that fork and spoon attached to your phone. (Oh, sorry, that was @cheddar. @cheddar, that was disgraceful – you are off the list.)


@whub_io on Twitter

As you probably know, WHub is all about start-ups. They have their collective fingers on HK’s start-up pulse, and if you’re looking to get any sort of new business off the ground here (food related or not), it’s worth checking in periodically to see what they have going on.


@michalklar on Twitter

Despite being based in New Zealand, Michal is somehow so very relevant to our region, so very often. He is a plant-based food investor, so there is a bias to his posts, but it’s fascinating to see this segment play out in real time. Plant-based meats are spreading amongst us like an annoying Disney song – check out our Impossible Burgers in HK article or similar lists for Beyond Meat and Omnipork.


@GoodFoodInst on Twitter

The Good Food Institute is an excellent aggregator of other Twitter accounts, but they also post their own summaries and interviews with industry professionals. If you’re interested in food tech, particularly the new and evolving sector of plant-based meats, you must follow them.


@smallhold on twitter

Smallhold is all about mushrooms and uses the term “hyperlocal” to describe its business model (mushrooms are sometimes grown at the shop where they are sold). Its Twitter following is small, but it has one of the best newsletters, with food-tech industry news as well as everything mushroom related. Fungi are an up-and-coming base ingredient for plant-based meats (along with algae) – see plant-based salmon – so we expect to see more companies like this as interest grows.


 @robert_yaman on TwitterHaving Robert read and discuss these patents is a tremendous relief, because those things can be awfully boring. It’s a bit on the technical side, but we can be nerdy when it concerns food. We’re looking forward to the next analysis, Robert – get cracking.


 @FoodsSummit on Twitter

That’s us! We’ve just set up this account, so it’s super lonely – follow us! The Food’s Future Summit is held annually every autumn, and we are getting bigger every year. We want to inspire and initiate change within the world of food, recognise future-forward businesses, champion individuals behind critical causes and empower consumers to make better-informed decisions about what they eat.

Follow your interests

Sometimes your worlds will collide! Whether you follow your favourite celebs, restaurants, politicians or companies, inevitably you will come across interesting food-related happenings.


@JanelleCShane on Twitter

Janelle Shane is a research scientist and kindly shares her results from building and feeding neural networks, a branch of machine learning. If you have ever thought the human race is in danger of being disrupted Terminator style by the all-powerful, self-aware Skynet, you simply must follow her for reassurance.

Exhibit A: cookie recipes generated by machine learning – mmmmm sugar sugar sugar crackers sound... sweet... Check out these AI-generated cookie names (some of them are actually pretty good).


@SwiftOnSecurity on Twitter

@SwiftOnSecurity is a systems administrator who talks extensively on systems security. Late last year, this account also shared a tremendously in-depth and popular thread about the prevalence of corn. Corn, it turns out, is in nearly everything! The thread is entertaining and scary all at once. It’s well backed up by various links and is one of our favourite random finds on Twitter.


@wongmjane on Twitter

Jane Wong delights in snooping about the new features being tested by all the big apps and has even been interviewed by SCMP. We learned of this cool Citymapper feature through her feed – equate your commute to your bao.

Don’t take anything too seriously, and happy tweeting!

Also, do let us know if you are on board for a follow back...

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