Win a Year’s Worth of Seven Brews Craft Beer

Win a Year’s Worth of Seven Brews Craft Beer

Make the eco-conscious brewery’s 7 Seas Pilsner your pint of choice

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In addition to making awarding-winning beer, local craft brewery Seven Brews’ mission is to raise awareness for the environment – the reduction of single-use plastic in particular.

With that in mind, Seven Brews founders Scott Andrews and Shiz Scott have teamed up with Craig Leeson, the director of environmental documentary A Plastic Ocean, to educate the world on reducing the use of single-use plastic. Seven Brews’ 7 Seas Pilsner was soon born – with an image of a pirate rubber ducky as its symbol, a portion of the sales of 7 Seas is donated to Leeson for his next plastic awareness campaign.

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Craig Leeson, Global Chief Evangelist for Plastic Oceans and award-winning journalist and film-maker

Seven Brews now needs your help in naming 7 Seas’ rogue ducky mascot! All you have do is snap a shot of any Seven Brews beer, either in a bottle or pint glass, and name the 7 Seas duck, posting on Seven Brews’ Instagram, tagging #nametheduck, or on Seven Brews’ What the Duck? video campaign post on Facebook.

The post with the most likes wins 365 bottles of Seven Brews beer – one year of brewskies if you hold yourself back to one a day (and no sharing)! The contest will run until the end of May, with the winner announced on 1 June 2019.

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