For Starters: The Hottest News Bites

For Starters: The Hottest News Bites

Foodie news in brief from the May/June 2019 issue of Foodie Magazine

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Hong Kong: capital of cultured meats?

Avant Meats Hong Kong

Hong Kong's very own cell-tech food start-up Avant Meats is in the early stages of developing a cell-based fish product aiming at innovating sustainable fish without damaging the oceans. Avant founder Carrie Chan has created the first cultured-meat company in Hong Kong, a market that seems primed to accept cell-based proteins.

The city’s current regulations look to provide more flexibility for the concept, and consumers in Hong Kong demonstrate an openness to trying new food trends, seen recently with the success of the launch of protein alternatives into the city like JUST Egg and Impossible Burger.

Hong Kong also has one of the highest consumptions of seafood per capita in the world, meaning that the impact of Avant’s adage “gratify without sacrifice” could really help the region to get off the hook for its extreme love of seafood.

Read our interview with founder Carrie Chan.

A chocolate adventure

World Adventurer 5 Jars collection from Envoy Chocolate

Founder Liliana Chan – who was recognised on the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 list in 2016 for her leading tea and dessert chain in China – has looked to her Chinese roots in combination with her childhood spent in Venezuela to create home-grown brand Envoy Chocolate. Envoy’s single-serving, fully recyclable ganache jars (complete with mini spoons) are its USP, made with blends of the rarest cacao beans from South America. We’re particularly fond of the World Adventurer 5 Jars Collection ($450), which sees this ultra-smooth, subtly sweet ganache flavoured with organic, natural ingredients from around the world, from French rosebud, to Italian black truffle, to Sichuan peppercorn. The chocolatier has also launched a collection of chocolate pieces (from $380/10-piece box) with similarly unique flavours. We like the dual-flavoured boxes for a fun flavour contrast like French rose vs black truffle or Sichuan peppercorn vs habanero pepper.

Vegan vs meaty canapés

Invisible Kitchen Hong Kong

Invisible Kitchen has come up with a clever way to showcase both meaty and meat-free canapés for those who want to dip their toes into more veggie-curious waters.

This renowned catering company has a new Foods’ Future menu that includes:

  • traditional Scotch eggs along with plant-based Omnipork and JUST Egg alternatives
  • Wickes Manor pulled pork tacos and those made with the incredible “zero-waste pork” that’s creating used banana skins (this may be the best pork alternative we’ve tried)
  • mini beef Wellington right alongside Impossible beef Wellington tarts
  • smoked salmon canapés + vegan smoked salmon canapés (see Tom Burney’s recipe)

Choose a regular dessert or the vegan chocolate cheesecake and mini doughnuts made with cricket flour and mealworms with raspberry white chocolate icing.

You can mix and match however far down the vegan rabbit hole you wish to go. If you want to feature the future of food at your next dinner party or are looking for conversation-starting catering, this is the way to do it.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2019 issue of Foodie Magazine

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