Top 15 Eats at K11 MUSEA

Top 15 Eats at K11 MUSEA

The hot new art mall at Victoria Dockside has our mouths’ watering

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Header photo: Avobar’s Avo Bun Burger

If 15 seems like a lot, we apologise, but we had trouble whittling them down! We haven’t been this excited about a mall opening, maybe ever...

There are so many good things to eat at this new art mall that they might as well call it a food mall. We worked our way through to select the best coffee shop, afternoon-tea room, tea takeaway, burger bar and noodle shop (okay, there are two noodle spots on the list – it’s been hard!), dessert place, healthy eatery, grocer and more.

Here’s our pick of the best of the best at K11 MUSEA:

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM (coming soon)

Another beloved Japanese brand that brings over its ingredients directly from Japan is Afternoon Tea TEAROOM, opened for nearly 30 years. Along with the famed Japanese hospitality, you can sit down for a cuppa, decadent sweets like parfaits topped with fresh cream and pastas and sarnies for some feasting in the arvo.

Shop B112B, B1/F


Avobar Hong Kong

It’s not hard to understand the audience they’re after here. Avobar is all about millennials’ fave superfood: the humble avocado. An outpost of the original London eatery, HK’s all-day-dining Avobar presents nutritious comfort food, each dish with its own avo twist. This healthy-eating hotspot has superfood avocado lattes and smoothies along with the usual coffee as well as a grab-and-go corner for those on the move. We tried a sampling of the menu items, and for us, the deconstructed Ultimate Avo Toast (pictured above) – featuring sourdough toast, sliced avocado, guacamole, poached egg with turmeric, a very moreish chilli lime jam and a pot of olive oil for drizzling – was the clear winner. Soft opening on 16 September from 10am–10pm; no bookings.

Shop B201–4, B2/F


Egg waffles! Need we say more?

Food Playground, B2/F

Chatterbox Café

Chatterbox Café Hong Kong

Award-winning Hainanese chicken rice from Chatterbox in Singapore (called Mandarin chicken rice because Chatterbox can be found at the Mandarin Orchard hotel) clucks its way into HK this month. Other Singaporean eats we can look forward to include jumbo scallop laksa, salted egg yolk chicken wings (pictured above) – which we tried and loved for its sweet-spicy, addictive coating – and coconut ice cream in young coconut shell.

Shop B110, B1/F, 2352 2173

Donut Cafe

Donut Cafe Hong Kong

These are milkshakes each topped with a full-sized doughnut – crazy, but we like it. Donut Cafe also does an gelato panini that’s begging to be sampled. Plus, it boasts AR games to keep you entertained while filling your face with these sweet treats. Show your receipt at Donut Playhouse next door for a session for your kids at the
awesome three-storey slide!

Shop B247, B2/F

Five Guys (coming soon)

Five Guys Hong Kong

The second HK location of the smash-success DC-based burger bar Five Guys, which first opened here in Wanchai last year. High-quality burgers on freshly baked buns, hand-cut fries – and have you tried their milkshakes? Mmmmmm.

Shop 301B and 302, 3/F

Fortnum & Mason (coming soon)

Fortnum & Mason Hong Kog

Premium London department store Fortnum & Mason was founded in 1707 and has finally made the leap overseas to our shores with a two-storey space of a restaurant and bar along with a shop on the ground floor. Celebrated for its teas, jams, hampers, chocolates and much more, this quintessential brand has continued to evolve over the centuries and presents a beautiful face for British products. If it’s good enough for the Queen of England, it’s good enough for us.

Shop 022 and 122, G/F and 1/F

Future Bar by Green Common (coming soon)

Future Bar by Green Common Hong KongWe’re excited to see one of our favourite groundbreaking home-grown brands expanding its reach. Green Common is making eating what is good for our bodies and the planet cool, and – let’s face it – that goes a long way in helping more people to embrace eating better and more mindfully, even if they don’t admit it. Future Bar by Green Common is a plant-based one-stop concept shop offering Food 2.0 ingredients, superfoods, organic snacks and an innovative plant-based menu.

Shop B201, B2/F

George Coffee (coming soon)

George Coffee Hong KongLocal shop George Coffee, with branches around town, owns one of the highest coffee-growing estates in the world, so we’re pretty keen to try some of that sky-high coffee. Located at 1,900 metres above sea level, Baruffee Estate is located in the Baru volcanic region of Panama, providing fertile soil and a gentle climate for producing excellent-quality coffee beans.

Shop B201, B2/F

Gontran Cherrier (coming soon)

You’ll be able to follow the heaven-scented aroma wafting out the doors of one of France’s premier bakers, Gontran Cherrier. He imports all his high-quality ingredients from France and is best known for his impeccable croissants and the innovative flavours that are spread throughout his baked goods.

Shop B205–B207, B2/F

A Happy Pancake

A Happy Pancake Hong Kong

These Japanese pancakes are beloved by many, and Hong Kong got a first taste last September with A Happy Pancake’s first overseas café at Lee Garden Three in Causeway Bay. Using fermented butter from Hokkaido and eggs from Japan along with manuka honey from New Zealand, the ingredients are all high quality, and it shows in the fluffy discs of deliciousness. There will be some new menu items for the Kowloon-side opening along with the eatery’s signature boba drinks. Bookings taken only online.
Shop 233A, 2/F, 2338 4066


HEYTEA Lab Hong Kong

People have been going crazy over cheese tea since it recently spread around the globe like wildfire. But HEYTEA has been going strong since 2012, when it branded the original recipe for Cheezo Tea with a stroke of genius that fully capitalises on the Chinese tea-drinking culture by making it modern and ‘grammable. This
HEYTEA branch is the biggest in HK, with lots of seating bathed in plenty of natural light, and it also boasts a
separate bar section called The Geek Lab where alcoholic tea-based drinks are whipped up.

Shop 327A and 327C, 3/F

KiKi Noodle Bar (KiKi Tea)

KiKi Noodle Bar (KiKi Tea) Hong Kong

After opening its first location at ifc mall, Taiwan’s KiKi Noodle Bar has gone ahead and made its moreish noodles available at K11 MUSEA too. Along with its recognisable bowls of goodness, there will be K11 exclusives like deep-fried bean curd noodle in tomato soup with red and white fish balls and winter melon milk tea with brown sugar pearls. As firm fans of the signature strands, we’re so glad that we aren’t restricted to keeping KiKi in our cupboards and can dine out on them on both sides of the harbour now.

Shop 406, 4/F, 3892 3890

Sun & Roots

We’re looking forward to checking out what this vegan café is putting out there. The motto aims for “uplifting body, mind and spirit with bold flavours”, and we like the sound of that.

Food Playground, B2/F

Takano Ramen

This Michelin-recommended restaurant from Tokyo has won a lot of awards back in Japan, so we’re going to hotfoot it over to get our own taste buds’ take on Takano’s classic shoyu ramen. With noodles made fresh in-store daily and a spicy sesame ramen option added to the mix, we’re always searching for our new favourite ramen joint – could this be it?

Shop 220, 2/F, 2881 8331

K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, TST, 3892 3890

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