The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Artysoda 

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Artysoda 

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 Ramping up for Christmas, we think these hampers of delight is ideal for your Foodie friends. Actually anyone who eats (so everyone), but we know the hardcore Foodie would love to have the first bite of some dreamy foods that are just making their way into Hong Kong! We’ve collected the inspiring stories of the founders, seeking to dig a little and find out about how and why they are doing what they do. This week we chat with Aaron, founder of the healthy soda brand in Hong Kong, Artysoda!

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Artysoda began at the behest of the owner and founder, Aaron Pang, who himself is a mixology bartender. Having drunk many soda during his time in food and beverage, he decided that he would be able to make a better product than that which is available on the market, and so decided to make his first soft drinks. When friends sampled his wares, there was a general consensus that they were all excellent, and so he decided to make them for the public! He started studying every and any kind of book and document about how root beer and other soft drink was made. Studying the science behind these beverages, and how it works, he knew he could make beautifully tasting, thoughtful and more health conscious brews than what was available. He thus decided to create the Artsyoda to let everyone enjoy the better style of sodas devoid of chemicals.


So with all the experimenting, and the self-taught manner you went about developing the business, what was one of the greatest lessons you learned?

My business started roughly, and many of the experiments did not work out. I finally came to a point where I could understand that the reason cold soda tastes good. It is all to do with the temperature. The temperature of the carbon dioxide will change the whole flavour and the feeling of the drink on your tongue.


We had no idea! What exactly is Artysoda?  

We have two different programs that started now. Cafe Soda Program and Home Soda Program.Cafe Soda Program involves a lot of creativity, with the idea of all the craft cafes to create their own special soda menu. Most of the cafe did not have any about making their own unique soda drinks, so we are here to help them set up the soda revolution.


The Home Soda Program seeks to spread the soda revolution to the household. Soda has never been considered a healthy drink, but it is actually not that bad for our bodies when it is made with good quality ingredients and limited sugar, and making soda is really quite simple. We have started different workshops in different places to teach people how to create their own ‘nice’ soda.

What is the best way to make and enjoy the soda? 

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.35.04
Step 1
Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.35.27
Step 2
Step 3
Step 3

What does an average day consist of for you? 

I exercise before work and usually work for most of the time. I go to chill in bars and meets all the bartenders at night.


That sounds like a really fun career. How do you deal with any stressful moments? 

I usually will take a break and go to find the solution in a calm space. It is easy to get more worried and all that means is we can screw things up faster. Slowing down and thinking it through it is the best way I have found to solve all the dilemmas.


A great approach. What are some valuable lessons you have learnt in your time as the founder of a startup? 

I have learnt that we should always look forward. We should not be sad about the past, but we should learn from the past. Nothing is going to change if we are stuck in the past.


We love that. Is there anything that keeps you awake at night?  

The excitement of what I am going to face. I usually can’t sleep because I want to solve the challenge immediately!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 10.35.44

And with that kind of fervor, we hope you will go from strength to strength Aaron. Thanks for your time and good luck!






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