The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Zavva Shots

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Zavva Shots

Today, things are getting a bit lively with this entry of the Foodie Start Up Diaries: Zavva Shots! “One Shot. Endless Possibilities.”

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Every Sunday and Wednesday, Foodie is honoured to explore the stories behind some of the better and lesser known brands and the people behind them. They will feature in our new movement, the Foodie Startup Boxes, aimed to support local food startups in Hong Kong. Today, things are getting a bit lively with the fifth entry for the Foodie Start Up Diaries: Zavva Shots! “One Shot. Endless Possibilities.”
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Gabriella began the company at 23; a feat for any person, let alone for one who had immersed themselves in the dissimilar fields of English Lit and History up until that point! The F&B industry has always been alluring however, and with clever discernment, Gabriella aimed for a gap in the market, creating a truly homegrown brand that represented the characteristics of our city – small, compact and oozing with energy. Thus was born, the Zavva Shot!


So what’s a Zavva Shot, and why do we need them?

ZAVVA Shots are 30ml twisted shots; each shot glass contains two liqueurs kept separated by a twist. In our city, we have no ‘short’ drinks that fit the on-the-go lifestyle of us HK-ers. I found that people wanted freshly mixed drinks, but at affordable price. We have long RTD drinks; there are bottles of liquor; mixers; but there’s nothing in between which solves the hassle, time and cost of people having to buy all those separate ingredients to mix their own drinks. Plus when I started there were no HK alcohol brands!

We love your patriotism! Why are you so passionate about what you are doing?

I love what I do and am very passionate about ZAVVA – I couldn’t do it if I wasn’t. But it’s not glamorous nor has it been easy to get where I am now. Three years since launch, I’m still learning and facing new challenges, but that’s what keeps my passion alive. The ability to be stimulated and excited every day at the prospect of growing and strengthening a brand that I started from scratch. I’m so proud of HK, so I’m passionate seeing our HK brand gain momentum across borders into new markets.

And what does momentum looks like what in your eyes?

My next immediate goal is to continue to develop this new collection into other markets. My long-term goal would be to bring the ZAVVA brand into different realms; art, fashion, food & music, showing how alcohol can fuse with those elements in a chic and fun way. To me, ZAVVA is not just about alcohol. Like our slogan suggests, ZAVVA is “One Shot. Endless Possibilities” – it’s about a lifestyle. A recent partnering with the world famous HK based contemporary and graffiti artist CEET created 4 canvases based on our 4 shot flavours, bringing together the two worlds of art and alcohol. I’d like to continue to form collaborations of this kind with other HK based brands.

Busy woman. How do these crazy days begin for you?

I like starting my morning with routine and discipline, since the rest of the day rarely ends up that way! I like to go for a run or do yoga first thing, followed by a good breakfast. I like to be in the office before 9am.

Mmm breakfast; tell us more.

This morning it was fruit, yoghurt and homemade muesli. And always an earl grey tea. I try to have eggs a few times a week too, especially if I know I have a big day. Avocado, fried eggs and ham on toast is a recent obsession.

And a great one. Could you tell us where you see yourself in three years?

Building ZAVVA into new realms, forming new partnerships, diversifying the product range and entering new markets.

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