The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Cloud Candy

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Cloud Candy

Today, we’ve found some local talent with sweet dreams. Our fourth entry for the Foodie Start Up Diaries: Cloud Candy! “100% handmade milk candy in Hong Kong”

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Every Sunday and Wednesday, Foodie is honoured to explore the stories behind some of the better and lesser known brands and the people behind them. They will feature in our new movement, the Foodie Startup Boxes, aimed to support local food startups in Hong Kong. Today, we’ve found some local talent with sweet dreams. Our fourth entry for the Foodie Start Up Diaries: Cloud Candy! “100% handmade milk candy in Hong Kong” 

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After eating candies of a similar nature in nations such as Japan, Taiwan and France, and not finding a good quality products here in the Pearl, they decided to do it themselves and do it fabulously! Sourcing their milk from Hokkaido and keeping it free from anything artificial, they have a delicious velvety sweet that is addictive in the most natural sense. Chatting with these local boys was fun and honest, as you will see below!

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Benny Wu, Wyler Tong and Matthew Wu of Cloud Candy

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I didn’t have breakfast this morning because I was late… Normally I will have a bun or noodle and chocolate milk for my breakfast.

Why were you late?! What time do you usually wake up?

I usually wake up at 7:15am and go to bed about 1am.

Goodness that is not very much sleeping time. How do you find the enthusiasm to do what you do with so little rest?!

One of our three partners is very passionate about making dessert and I think my illustration and design is a perfect fit for our candy. We think candy can make people feel happy and sweet. Every time we sell our candy to customers, we can see their smiling faces. This makes us feel we are doing a valuable business. We can work hard for a valuable business.

Does your business relate to your education or is it completely different?

This is completely different.

Right. So tell us more about Cloud Candy and when it began!

Cloud Candy established in January 2013. We sell hand-made milk candy online and we have seven partnering shops so cafés, restaurants, cake shops and supermarkets are selling our candy now. Cloud Candy is rooted in healthy candy snacks, selecting fresh ingredients, devotion to the hygiene of the manufacturing process and the aesthetics of packaging design. We experimented countless times in order to give you a wide range of flavors. Every step of the production process is meticulous and carefully watched so that a healthy local confectionary brand can be successfully created and honestly-made products can be brought into the industry.

How tasty. Your candies are very yummy we snack on them often. What do you think is the best thing about your product and why is it different?

We have three products at the moment (milk candy, milk spread and panna cotta). All our products are hand-made and using fresh milk from Hokkaido. We do not use preservatives, artificial food coloring, milk powder or chemical ingredients in our products. For the sugar we use, part of it is Trehalose, which is a multi-function sweetener found naturally. It’s low GI and low calorie, so that this is more healthy than normal sugar. Therefore, our candy is the role model for healthy dessert.

We gladly offer our services to be role models for any dessert.

Way to go Cloud Candy!



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