The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Nood

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Nood

Today, we are jubilant to present installation one of the Foodie Start Up Diaries: nood foods! Eat raw. Eat fresh. Eat healthy. Eat nood.

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Foodie Startup Diaries: Nood


The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Nood. Each Sunday and Wednesday Foodie is honoured to explore the stories behind some of the better and lesser known brands and people who will feature in the Foodie Start Up Boxes. Today, we are jubilant to present installation one of the Foodie Start Up Diaries: nood foods! Eat raw. Eat fresh. Eat healthy. Eat nood. 

nood foods are all about the raw…and the juice, and the super foods, and the organic. As sustainability, for both our bodies and our planet becomes a point of an ever increasing urgency,  nutritious and responsibly sourced food is hungrily being sought by the health zealot and foodie alike. nood foods sprouted in Hong Kong late last year, and we are thrilled that some of their products will be available in the Foodie Start Up Boxes.

We snuck into the plantations of nood foods and quizzed their Head Raw Food Chef Moy to better understand their movement and the passion that drives them to produce all that Nood is known for. Here are some tidbits from our encounter:

We know Nood’s mission statement is to introduce innovative, delicious, and organic cold-pressed juices and foods to consumers in Asia, but where did that inspiration come from?
For years, health foods have sat in the margins, with people thinking it is either too expensive or too complicated to understand. We’re here to simplify by undressing the concept of healthy eating. We strip down food and serve it in its purest form, which means to be without preservatives or additives.

What does an average day in your world consist of? Morning times can be from supervision and quality control of our freshly made salads at nood soho, to receive and unload our organic produce at our central kitchen, or work on new recipes of products. Other days we focus on training staff for learning new smoothie recipes and nutritional benefits as well. We might have events or corporate health talks about our product line, where we will arrange special presentations and food for all to enjoy.

That sounds rather busy. How, then, do you best start your day?  I like to have some warm water with lemon juice, or raw apple cider vinegar or both together. Then try to sit for a while whenever possible for 15 minutes, to connect with my breath and cultivate my awareness and mindfulness, allowing me to be more fully present and connected with the energy and love of the food we daily make. A Yoga Class will try to fit in the busy schedule whenever possible.

The detoxifying kick off! Very cleansing. We hate to ask, but what are your guilty pleasures (because we know you have them!)?  Raw Chocolate! Well is not really guilty, since is free from processed sweeteners and is made with organic raw cacao that is loaded with anti-oxidants and minerals like magnesium, but taking too much can be overstimulating too.

On the note of overstimulation, where do you see yourself in three years? Maybe expanding nood food in other countries in Asia, looking to make it more sustainable by growing some our produce locally, give lectures and workshops related to living foods.

We don’t doubt that such a goal is well within reach…Could you tell us, as a parting statement, what is so appealing about your products, what makes them unique? Our quality and price points. We use a large percentage of organic produce meaning our cost prices are higher than average, however, our prices are still competitive. A particularly popular product is our J10S Coco Water because it is unpasteurised and freshly bottled daily. You can really taste the difference between fresh and pasteurised coconut water! (Each bottle contains 1.5 Thai coconuts).

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