The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Sunday Bakeday

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Sunday Bakeday

Today we chat with Onyue from Hong Kong home bakery: Sunday Bakeday!

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The Foodie Startup Diaries: Sunday Bakeday

Another round of the Foodie Diaries! Ramping up for Christmas, we think these hampers of delight are ideal for your Foodie friends. Actually anyone who eats (so everyone), but we know the hardcore Foodie would simply love to have the first bite of some dreamy foods that are just making their way into the Hong Kong market. We’ve collected the inspiring stories of the founders, seeking to dig a little, and find out why they do what they do. Today we chat with Onyue from Hong Kong home bakery: Sunday Bakeday!

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Sunday Bakeday was founded in the summer of 2014, specializing in canapé size pastry as well as cookies. Being huge foodies themselves and spurred by a great passion for all things food, Onyue and partners are constantly being inspired by all sorts of interesting dishes that they’ve tried, both within and outside the baking realms. They believe start up food scene in Hong Kong is growing rapidly and are very proud to be part of it.

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What makes Sunday Bakeday different to other bakeries?

We have out of the norm products such as cookie pops (cookies on a stick) and mini whoopie pies (kind of like a cookie sandwich), aside from our regular cookies. Although a good old cookie is still one of our favorites, we like to try out new things and present cookies in different forms and shapes. We also like to experiment with flavours such as incorporating local cha charn teng flavours to give our products a local touch.

They sound most unique! So is the bakery the final goal?

Our ultimate goal would be to have our own dessert bar/ lounge. In the future, we would like to expand into deserts as well and a desert bar setting is something that HK is lacking in.

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It is entirely lacking isn’t it? Was that the original inspiration for the business?

We have always felt that there is a lack of artisanal bakeries in Hong Kong and we decided to take matters into our own hands, as we believe Onyue’s baking stands up against the very best. The Hong Kong food culture is also growing day by day and we believe that if we deliver quality, then people will appreciate and enjoy and will not mind paying for our products.

What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned while undertaking this journey?

At one of our first times setting up a pop-up store, we were super unprepared and almost failed to show up at the market. Ever since then, we have always prepared well in advance and have always prepared a lot just in case.

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Preparation, preparation, preparation! When do you find time to sleep in amongst all this madness?

I DON’T SLEEP (much).

Fair enough. Any guilty pleasures to speak of?

Drinking?? (or needn’t we feel guilty about that???!!!) …and having lots of ice cream to go with our cookies.

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And what keeps you awake at night?

Crazy food ideas, maybe bacon on a cookie next time!

Finally, paint us a picture of what you see yourself doing in three years?

Hopefully we have a successful enough business and we will have our own shop selling our cookies and other delicious baked goodies.

And we volunteer anytime to quality control these baked goodies! Best wishes Sunday Bakeday; we really like your cookies!

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