Calling all budding chefs. ..baking enthusiasts and experimental cooks

Calling all budding chefs

..baking enthusiasts and experimental cooks

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Simplot and Washington State Potato Council are on the search for the perfect mooncake recipe and have searched for eager cooks to create their own recipe for the MOONCAKE challenge.

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Aah yes, the mooncake. That familiar Chinese dessert that always makes an appearance during Mid-Autumn Festival, passed around and shared with friends and relatives over the festive season. We just can't get enough of the rich salted egg yolk and lotus seed paste encased in a thin pastry crust. Veering away from the traditional festive treat, there have been many variations of the humble mooncake, from ice cream fillings and snow-skin crusts to unusual savoury versions - we've even recently tried a Sichuan 'ma la' version!

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Simplot Foods is on the lookout for a unique mooncake recipe and have teamed up with the Washington State Potato Council for a baking challenge. We'd like you to think outside the box and incorporate this versatile ingredient in an original mooncake recipe. 

The challenge?

Create a mooncake using Simplot's Washington State potato products. You can be as creative as you want, as long as the end product looks like a mooncake. All applicants will be reviewed and a select few will be chosen to join the Simplot Baking Awards. 

Interested in competing?

  • Simply contact us at and we will provide you with Simplot's Washington State Potato products to experiment with for free. The deadline for recipe submissions is 31 March, 11pm

To get you inspired in the kitchen, here are some submissions so far:

Samantha Tam's savoury mooncake

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Kim K. Chan's sweet mooncakeImage title

Erica Lau's sweet mooncakeImage title

Think you can do better? Sign up and you can win these following prizes.


The winner will win a trip to the US to visit Simplot’s state-of-the-art potato plant, a HK$3,000 supermarket cash coupon as well as a certificate from Simplot and Washington State Potato Council.

First Runner Up

HK$3,000 supermarket cash coupon 

Certificate from Simplot and Washington Potato State Council

Second Runner Up

HK$2,000 supermarket cash coupon

Certificate from Simplot and Washington Potato State Council

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