Where Should I Eat Tonight - March XXVI

Where Should I Eat Tonight - March XXVI

5 for foodies in the last week of March

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 26 Mar '15

People are constantly asking our editors where they have eaten lately that they would recommend. To which we reply, check the website/read the magazine! But with the near vertiginous array of new restaurants (!), new menus (!), new concepts (!) and new executive chefs (!!!) in this city, along with more restaurant reviews, websites, blogs and magazines than one can poke a stick at, we are often ourselves at a loss and end up looking like this guy:

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Further, with the nature of social media and the pace the culinary world adapts to the changing seasons, available produce and creative inspiration, we don't want you to miss out on a cheffy's one night only dish like a salmon Tataki, jícama, cucumbers, mixed herbs and sesame. So we are going to put together five of the most intriguing food related happenings each week for you, lest you miss out and feel glum.

New restaurant?

Flaming Frango hits the peri peri nerve for all you chicken heads out there. 

Old restaurant new tricks?

Soi 7 is where Koh Thai used to be in LKF. It has rebranded and re-menu'd in all the right ways. 

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Something sweet?

We partnered with XTC Gelato to celebrate their newest flavour: pineapple bun. They're giving away 200 coupons to Foodie Clubbers for an upgrade to a double scoop - why have one scoop when you can have two?

Deliver it?

If you have trouble finding a cup of tea big enough to satiate those afternoon craves, check out TeaCha the newest tea aficionado in town, who has spent two years researching and testing and now brings the best to your office desk. 

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What's making Foodie headlines?

Tuna and the fact that it is endangered is a pretty big deal now. We wrote about why we need to know more about this delicacy revered throughout Asia.



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