Tried and Tasted: Holy Crab

Tried and Tasted: Holy Crab

What is it? As you may have garnered from the designation, this restaurant is all about the crusteceans.

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The place: Designed like a modern crab shack, Holy Crab features seafaring antiques, wooden plank floorboards, nautical windows, Image titlehalo lighting (providing plenty of angelic photo opportunities), chalkboard walls full of the daily specials, and rock pools filled with seafood you can fish out for yourself.

The food

The menu is divided with different calls to action like Pick your Catch and Design Your Bucket so you can order up your seafood of choice. And choice there is with mussels, oysters, crawfish, lobster, clams, prawns and several types of crab from snow and king to swimming and Dungeness. We started with some delightful salads, a fried okra and tomato, a Cajun prawn with avocado and a tableside tossed Ceasar swimming with plenty of anchovies.

Aprons arrived to protect frocks and jackets in anticipation of the ensuing seafood fracas. We started our deep sea dining with two types of meaty mussels, one in a zingy lemon pepper sauce that was so delicious we could have drank it and one in a rich coconut cream sauce served with fresh chunks of sourdough bread to soak up the juices.

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Two platters of resplendent oysters wowed the table into silence as they slid down the throat with mmms and awws. A giant celebration of a dish arrived next with the Lobster Three Way, a giant six pound lobster made into nuggets fried in a light coating of buttermilk, a cheesy lobster dip and the gorgeously simplistic freshly steamed claws. You need a lot of people to tackle this dish as in addition to the gargantuan shellfish the platter teems with crawfish, jalapeno bread, cobs of corn and Andouille sausage (typically made with 50 per cent alligator in Louisiana but due to strict import laws, this version is pure pork).

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We tasted the sweet and fleshy snow crab claws (our standout favourites), lightly battered calamari, chunky curly fries and corn fritters with honey butter as well as an incredibly fragrant jambalaya and a creamy etifoir made with sausage and crawfish. We put a kick on our tongues by sampling the Nuclear sauce made with the three hottest peppers on the Scoville scale and is available for sale if you’re a sucker for punishment and want to take a bottle home with you.

The head chef of course hails from Louisiana and as well as cooking up Cajun he also tells entertaining tales of hunting alligators and cooking them up in his backyard for a proper deep south reptilian feast.  

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The drinks: If you’ll forgive the pun, they’ve gone somewhat overboard on the cocktails with a fishy element to each that for the most part is unnecessary. The Lobstertini is a fierce throat-burner with a generous claw poking out the side that doesn’t particularly mesh with the flavour. The Bloody Ceasar is a tasty concoction made with clam juice and a fresh prawn adorning the glass while the Caribbean Storm with rum and ginger beer carried a prawn and pineapple skewer that largely blighted the texture of the prawn and made it frail and mealy. The Homemade New Orleans Lemonade is the perfectly pious accompaniment to a meal of Cajun cuisine. 

Image titleThe verdict: A fun vibe with big sharing tables and good value shellfish. Make sure you go with a group so you can order a bunch and make a big mess, that’s what this place is made for.

Holy Crab: 3/F, Cosmos Building, 8-11 Lan Kwai Fong, Central; 2110 0100

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