The China Coast Pub

The China Coast Pub

Burgers, milkshakes and wings in the heart of Kowloon

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From the old Kai Tak airport to the infamous Kowloon Walled City and now the plethora of Thai restaurants in the area, there are many reasons to visit Kowloon City. If you're local to the city, you'd know to get your meat balls and ho fun from Wong Ming Kee and your authentic middle eastern delights like veal goulash at Islam Food. Landmarks such as the old Walled City, now transformed into a commemorative park and the old airport which is now a swanky new cruise terminal are examples of how the city has tumbled into the future, leaving behind very little in terms of the original essence of the place. Historic landmarks and great food are all reasons why we recommend the trek to Kowloon City. 

If you're ever in the area with a hankering for American food, the China Coast Pub at Regal Oriental Hotel serves happy hour chicken wings and a selection of burgers. Order a platter of snacks and expect ringdingers such as crab cakes and spicy wings whilst their burgers on offer are jam packed with fillings from USDA beef, chicken or even foie gras. 

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Their grilled salmon and tender pork loin are substantial meals if the bar snacks aren't enough to satiate your need for American food and any pub wouldn't be complete without a good choice of desserts such as apple crumble, oreo cheesecakes and chocolate pies. 

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The China Coast Pub + Restaurant, Regal Oriental Hotel30 - 38 Sa Po Road, Kowloon City, Hong Kong, 2718 0333


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