The Foodie Startup Diaries: Green Vitamin

The Foodie Startup Diaries: Green Vitamin

Bringing raw food to the mainstream

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 10 Apr '15

Foodie loves startups, especially when we unearthed loads of them last year. We revel in the chance to show off their passion for specialist ingredients, thoughtful cooking techniques and indulgent treats.

In anticipation of the upcoming Foodie Market on April 18th, we have restarted the Startup Foodie Diaries to flaunt some of the new talent who will be turning up loads of things we want to eat on the day. If you like their stories, make sure you come and try their delicacies.

Say hello to Green Vitamin! Hong Kong's premier online health & food store.

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                            RAW ORGANIC COCONUT MACAROONS

A company passionate about discovering new flavours, reinventing products and constantly pushing the boundaries, Green Vitamin started in 2012 and were the first in Hong Kong to start growing and selling organic fresh wheatgrass on commercial scale.

Observing the large demand of good, wholesome, unprocessed food in this city coincided with a road trip in New Zealand, where they were impressed by the abundance of fresh local produce.

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Having always known of the benefits of wheatgrass and how helpful it is to our bodies, they also noted that all the juice bars in cities around the country offered wheatgrass shots. This was something that was missing in HK at the time, and that got the cogs turning, which eventually turned into the business that is now Green Vitamin. We chat with Brian, founder of Green Vitamin to hear what passion spurs this holistic organisation: 

What is the purpose of Green Vitamin?

Our ultimate vision for GV is for GV products, for example Raw Kale Chips and Natural Probiotic drinks to be available in all convenience stores across HK. We can see the vision of our products to be served as a welcome/pre take-off beverage and snack on the upper class flights at the same time. Raw snacks & foods should not have any boundaries and should be accessible to everyone.

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Does your business relate to your education or is it completely different?

I was not in this industry until Green Vitamin started. I have been in the events, conferences and logistics industry for 15 years. I knew that Hong Kong at that time was missing key elements for healthier choices. I took this opportunity, trusted my instinct with all my savings and invested into GV. This was a turning point in my life.

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt during this transformative time?

Always listen to what your heart says, despite the fact your brain may be saying the opposite. No wall is too high to climb but the question is whether or not you are willing to get rough and dirty along the way. It is not an easy journey but a fulfilling one. 

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What sort of schedule do you keep to ensure the work always gets done?

I wake up at 5 in the morning, and I am in bed by midnight. As a testament of having raw food integrated into my diet, my body requires only few hours of sleep per night. 

What do you eat at 5am upon awakening? 

I start my day with 2 shots of fresh wheatgrass juice, an espresso with 2 tablespoons of our Organic Coconut Butter and one of our Raw Cocoroons before hitting the gym.

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And breakfast this morning was?

Our Raw Coconut Yogurt with a handful of our Raw Granola Bites. These give me the fuel that I need to take on the challenges of the day

In all of this health is there time for guilty pleasures?

There is no guilt to what we eat, but there must be integrity with indulgence

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Esoteric; we like it. What is unique about Green Vitamin? 

Integrity. All our products are made from with highest quality ingredients with integrity. We deliver with our personalised service and always infuse positive vibes to all our products and making them unique and there are one of its kind in Hong Kong and soon throughout the world.

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