The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Craftissimo

The Foodie Start Up Diaries: Craftissimo

Getting more people to drink REAL beer

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 15 Apr '15

Foodie loves startups, especially when we unearthed loads of them last year. We revel in the chance to show off their passion for specialist ingredients, thoughtful cooking techniques and indulgent treats.

In anticipation of the upcoming Foodie Market on April 18th, we have restarted the Startup Foodie Diaries to flaunt some of the new talent who will be turning up loads of things we want to eat on the day. If you like their stories, make sure you come and try their delicacies.

We would like to introduce Craftissimo to you this week! Helping people convert to real artisanal beer. 

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Lovers of all things good quality, especially when it comes to F&B, beer is a drink that has been with mankind for as long as humanity goes. It tastes great, comes in myriad styles, makes people happy and is also healthy when consumed responsibly. Why not make this the staple drink of HKer's city wide? We chat more with founder Ronny about just that vision. 

Why did you start Craftissimo? 

It was a hot summer evening of 2013 and I was wandering the buzzing streets of Hong Kong in search of some good company…..a Craft Beer of course! Having spent most of my life in Italy, I was really spoiled for choices as far as great food and drinks were concerned.

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And you didn't find anything to your liking?

No! I realized then that there was virtually no option here [in Hong Kong] for a cold, reasonably priced, take-away craft beer.

Either you had to go to a high end supermarket, where choice was limited and supply unstable, or an overpriced bar on the island which would ridicule me when I mentioned ‘take away beer’. I was left with no option but to open my very own, and Hong Kong’s first fully fledged, Craft Beer Bottle Shop.

Brilliant! And the chief motivation is..?

Our mission is simple: get more people to drink real beer. We are passionate and motivated to become a hub for beer lovers in the city, not only in the commercial aspect but also a center of beer culture exchange.

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What three tips would you give people to see the same kind of dreams achieved?

Passion, persistence and then some more persistence!

Was your education background conducive to the craft beer industry?

Image titleIn many ways, yes. I chose to study Hospitality Management, which offered me a broad perspective of the industry, and gave me insight into business and management. My educational background complemented and brushed up skills that I had acquired working in the F&B industry in Italy and Hong Kong.

What are some misconceptions about the startup world?

People always assume it is hard to break into the industry, and then once you are in the chances of success are slim. If you have passion and are consistent, all you see after is rewards in my experience.

What does an average day in your life look like?

I consider myself lucky to be in such a cutting-edge industry! Frequenting the trendiest eateries in town, tasting some fine beers and networking with some great people are all an active parts of my job… I feel truly blessed to work in this environment.

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We hear you! And some final parting words of wisdom that you have accrued over time?

Nothing is impossible even the word itself says: “I'm possible!”

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