5 Ways to Help You Discover Food

5 Ways to Help You Discover Food

iPick is a new app that aids all those who consider themselves foodies

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Food...who doesn't love food? The discovery of an amazing new restaurant is one of the real celebrations of a foodies' week. The future of food discovery is increasingly becoming more social, and is set to become even more so, with iPick ushering the next frontier of mobile food technology.

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Two years ago, Google and Ipsos MediaCT released a study revealing Hong Kong as the city with the highest mobile usage in Asia with 96 percent of people using their smartphones to go online everyday. Sixty six percent use them to search for restaurants/bars and 87 percent use them while eating.

This has become more so in recent years as it’s more and more difficult to eat anywhere without seeing someone taking pictures of their food.

But even with traditional dining apps, the question remains – can we trust the recommendations given? That’s why word of mouth and social media still remain powerful influencers for food decisions.

A previous study by American agency, Flowtown, stated 49 percent of those surveyed actually learned about food through their social networks. Because at the end of the day, we trust those we know.Image title

iPick, Hong Kong’s newest food and beverage social app, has essentially bridged this gap – offering a robust food guide with a social twist.

Not only do users have access to a restaurant’s information, photos, maps, and can easily search for those nearby and by keyword, they can also see which restaurants friends “Like,” upload photos and recommend.

All they have to do is just log into iPick with Facebook or WeChat to see what friends are eating and where they should therefore munch on too.

So how exactly will iPick change the way you eat in Hong Kong?

1. Smart Search – iPick’s unique one bar smart search is not only intuitive, it is “smart,” which means it learns from your past searches to eventually tailor recommendations specifically to each user. It’s also integrated with mobile GPS and has keyword tagging capabilities.
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2. Social Friends Footprint – Just by logging into iPick with your Facebook or WeChat accounts, you can see which restaurants your friends have visited, “Liked,” reviewed, uploaded photos and recommended. You can easily scan search results and see exactly where your friends have dined. And within a restaurant page, the details of these interactions.

3. Trusted Reviews – iPick has partnered with Foodie Magazine and top Hong Kong food bloggers to ensure you have the most trusted critic reviews when making your food decisions. You can even bookmark your favourite reviews to refer back.

4. All in One Party Planner – iPick has a Meetup feature that allows you to create/schedule events from a restaurant page. Send invites to friends through Facebook, Whatsapp or WeChat and track responses. It also syncs with your calendar so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

Image title5. Sleek and Chic Easy-to-use Interface - iPick has no ads, keeping the interface clean and simple. It only takes one tap for users to access the information they are looking for. And the fashionably sleek interface ensures a faster search and discovery process with no pop-ups, which means more time for eating.

And iPick is absolutely FREE.

Get a sneak peak of the future of food discovery in Hong Kong and check out iPick. You can download the app from both Google Play and App Stores here.

For more information about iPick click here.



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