New Restaurant: Soi 7

New Restaurant: Soi 7

A delicious modern twist on traditional Thai cuisine, bang in the middle of Central

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New Spin on Old Classics: A new kid has arrived on the rowdy block above chaotic and (in)famous LKF. A transformation from the old Koh Thai, is the new Soi 7, is owned and operated by the same restaurant group but offers a very different spin on Thai cuisine. The bones of the menu remain true to its Thai roots, but Soi 7 is a modern interpretation of the much-adored culinary genre. The décor reflects this rejuvenated ethos with rough brick walls, bold murals and old school movie posters capturing a vintage industrial chic feel. We adored the woven rattan ceiling, which adds a touch of Asian charm to the trendy atmosphere.

Bottoms Up! A stone's throw from party central, it's no surprise that the venue has plenty of tantalizing libations on offer. We were particularly entranced with the Mango Chili Martini, which encompasses the classic Thai flavours of sweet and sour, with a blast of heat. The Tamarind Martini is both tart and sugary at the same time, and goes down like a charm.

Modern Thai: We started our meal with crunchy “tacos” made from fried wonton skins, packed full of zesty tuna tartare and drizzled with homemade sour cream and roasted chili-lime sauce ($145 for 5). We loved the sauces, and the light wonton “taco” shells somehow made us feel like we were eating meat instead of fish – a trick of the mind, indeed. The spicy Thai buffalo chicken wings brushed with sticky red pepper glaze ($115) were finger-lickin' good. Each morsel was so juicy and tender that the meat almost fell off the bone, and with one of the bones in the wing conveniently removed, the wings were dangerously easy to inhale. Crunchy tempura shrimp smothered in Sriracha aioli ($138) made for another delectable bar snack. We kept on declaring that each bite of plump shrimp was our last, but couldn't resist going back for more. Having fallen in love with Chiang Mai-style sausage whilst vacationing there, we rejoiced to find this spice-filled wiener on Soi 7's menu cleverly served in a Thai “haute” dog ($145) with ginger, shallots and Sriracha aioli. The crowning glory was the lobster pad Thai ($298), which came with morsels of an entire de-shelled Boston lobster peaking out between an addictive stir-fry of noodles, bean sprouts, garlic chives, tofu and peanuts. The flavourful noodles were the perfect companion to the slow-cooked beef red curry ($188) a creamy mix of 12-hour sous vide Wagyu shoulder and intoxicating spices.

Value Hunter: We were impressed with the flavours and quality of each dish, and also with the relatively reasonable price range, considering it is smack in the center of the priciest real estate in town. Lunch sets range between $108-$148, with plenty to select from in terms of appetizers and mains. We will certainly be back for more.

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57 Wyndham Street, Central, 2840 0041

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