Where Should I Eat Tonight - May VIII

Where Should I Eat Tonight - May VIII

Here's where you should eat this week–digest version.

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 8 May '15

People are constantly asking our editors where they have eaten lately that they would recommend. To which we reply, check the website/read the magazine! But with the near vertiginous array of new restaurants (!), new menus (!), new concepts (!) and new executive chefs (!!!) in this city, along with more restaurant reviews, websites, blogs and magazines than one can poke a stick at, we are often ourselves at a loss and end up looking like this guy:

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So we are going to put together five of the most intriguing food related happenings each week for you, lest you miss out and feel glum.

Brunch Recipe for the Weekend

Hello bacon and mushroom burger, one way ticket to tasty town thanks.

Rooftop Mixology in Tai Koo

These world-class bartenders have been getting tiki in Tai Koo

TST Lunch Ideas

If you are into Asian food and like to spend under $100 on lunch, this list is for you.

New Bar in Soho

Grab a seat, answer some questions, wait five minutes and get a cocktail portrait, tailored entirely to you. 

Let's Get Stinky Together

Cheese. Lots of cheese. Foodie event alert. 



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