Get Facebook to Deliver Foodie News

Get Facebook to Deliver Foodie News

We post an article, you get told about it 

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Foodie  Foodie Your Guide to Good Taste  on 7 May '15

Facebook seems to have a knack for providing us with irrelevant information. To be fair, we don't intend on hosting any weddings in the near future and are sick of being told that Kate Hudson is sponsoring the newest gym brand out of the US (which apparently can be ours for $24.99). We just want to know about food, Facebook. Image title

If you feel the same pain, hop on to our Facebook page, click the middle button (as above) and make sure you 'Get Notifications' instead of just 'Following'. 

All the little red numbers on your status bar will pop up each time you log in, simultaneously linking you to food news but ALSO making you feel super popular. 

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You are welcome.  



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